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Alter Ego Wins SEA Valorant Tournament “ESL Community Clash”

ESL brought “ESL Community Clash” a Valorant tournament, presented by Intel in the SEA region. In this tournament, teams showed their skilled gameplay and battled to be the best Valorant team in the South east asian region.

The whole tournament was divided into 3 rounds (Open Qualifiers, Monthly Finals, and the Grand Finals). Every round was knockout mode where top 4 teams from each open qualifier round went to the monthly qualifiers and the top 4 teams from the two monthly qualifiers went to the final. A total of eight teams played in the final round and competed for a grand prize pool of $10,000 USD. The champion team received $4,000 USD, the runners-up team received $2,400 USD and $1,400 USD for the 2nd runners-up team, and the rest of the finalists also received a part of that prize pool.

The grand finals took place from 24 to 27 November 2020 and those eight teams played for the prize money and the title of the best team in the region. Todak, Alter Ego, Sharper Esport, NG Black, BOOM Esports, MiTH.Attitude, Team nxl, and Attack All Around are the eight finalists. The format was a double-elimination bracket in a best of three. First, Alter Ego won against MiTH (2-0) then they also won against Boom Esports. Indonesian team Alter Ego won the prize money, and the title of best Valorant team in the SEA region.

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