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Amouranth: I’m Free Now, Seeking Legal Counsel Against Husband

Kaitlyn Siragusa, as Amouranth, has posted her first video since revealing on Sunday that her spouse was violent.

Amouranth Content warning: abuse

Amouranth claims that he “made the situation more combustible than it needed to be” over the TwitchCon weekend (October 7-9) in an effort to “make a scene,” and that his activities aggravated tensions between Amouranth and her spouse, which contributed to the events of Sunday evening. She also accuses him of encouraging “people I don’t know to come up at my door, like what the fuck.”

“I’d want to chat to you guys about the problem,” Siragusa says, referring to the events of Sunday night, when she exposed nasty phone calls and texts left by her husband. “I want to thank everyone who has been so nice and supportive recently. It means a lot that so many individuals have reached out to express their worry over the last several days.”

She explains why she hasn’t been online since because of “everything going on,” saying:

As for the spouse dilemma, as some of you may have seen, he contacted me during a stream the other night and I went missing for almost two hours. Then, approximately an hour and a half into the call, I unmuted, and I apologize if it was difficult to watch for folks; I didn’t know what else to do…

“That was really the first time he’d ever heard himself on a tape,” she recalls, adding that he had been captured during past abusive conversations but had never consented to listen to himself before.

“I believe when he heard himself on that conversation, it really hit him how much of a jerk he is…

[laughs]…like you never even noticed, idiot?”

Amouranth claims her husband is abroad “receiving assistance,” that “as of today, I have access to all my accounts and funds again,” and that she is also “seeking legal and emotional guidance.”

Throughout the video, she expresses gratitude for the love and support she has gotten since Sunday evening (including offers of legal assistance), saying, “I didn’t think so many people would give a shit, to be honest, it’s kind of insane.” “Even haters are like ‘damn, I fuckin’ hate Amouranth, but you know what, I hope she’s OK,’ that’s so sweet,” Amouranth continues.

Siragusa also addresses the conduct of “her cameraman,” who she refers to as her “old cameraman,” explaining:

However, some individuals seem to be using the situation for personal benefit and prestige, which is less touching [than offers of support]. Unfortunately, my old cameraman seems to be one of them.

Amouranth describes her problematic relationship with her husband, saying that the violence had been going on for years but would come and go in cycles, and that prior efforts to explain her condition to the police had failed since they wouldn’t do anything until she was physically wounded.

Later in the hour-long live, when reading out some viewer comments, one admirer asks, “I thought you were a girlboss,” to which she responds, “No, I was a lady employee, now I can be a girlboss.” She also claims that there were several moments throughout her work when she “just wanted to go home and play Pokémon,” but she kept streaming because she “was frightened of conflict” with her spouse.

Siragusa also said she’s looking forward to being able to “have friends again,” get some sleep, watch TV, and “wear some clothing.” Amouranth concludes the stream by stating it’s time for a “new chapter” in her career, but she’ll first “take some time to absorb things, spend some time with my animals, feel like a person again.”

The complete video is included below, however keep in mind that it doesn’t begin until roughly 33 minutes in (again, a content warning for references to abuse):

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