Wednesday, September 28, 2022


Ending all the speculation Team Face 2 Face wins the Champion title in “INDEPENDECE CUP 2021”. This tournament was organized jointly by Toxic Ninja Esports & Team Tiger Prime Esports. Moba Community Bangladesh Joined forces as community partner and WarCities powered up the tournament. The tournament media partner was ESN24. This amazing tournament was sponsored by Gamers TopUp.

The tournament started 2nd March and the final match at 30th March this year. Final match was played in best of 5 format. The match started at 8pm night BD time in due date. In the first two set Face 2 Face wins the matches over Blaze Retired Legends with dominating score of 37-5 (1st set) and 19-5(2nd)  respectively. In both set “PAIN” from team F2F was the MVP with BRUNO along with a maniac. But in the third set Blaze Retired Legends gives an epic comeback showing their indomitable spirit and amazing team combination. They win the match in a close fight scoring 24-23. “CAPTAIN AFRICA” from Blaze Retired Legends got the MVP using Esmeralda. Ramzes666 using Claude played a vital role in winning the 3rd set. However, MLBB community got hyped with the comeback and was really pleased that the final was like a final. And with the epic comeback, the fans of Blaze Retired Legends began their hope to fight for the glory again. With a huge uncertainty and excitement, the set 4 started. From the beginning Blaze Retired Legends was so dominant over the opponent that everyone expected that they will win the set. But the table was turned over by amazing tactical gameplay from “50BMG FAV CHILD” from team F2F who used Xborg. He hold the team to the end until his other teammates join the crusade. By securing the LORD in a close fight, Team FACE 2 FACE wins the match thus securing the “CHAMPION” title.

Team Blaze Retired Legends secured the second positions. ZeusaberZ Esports came in 3rd following Ray Crimson 4th & Team Tiger Prime, Game Over, Recon Corps and Blaze Dementor jointly in 5th position.      

No doubt this final was between the two best team of MLBB Bangladesh Esports arena. The day is not that far when other esports team will follow and look up to the pioneer to set up a progressive environment in the MOBA gaming community of Bangladesh.

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