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FRIEDEN & LITHIUM Gaming to Host FLG CUP 2021

Frieden Gaming & Lithium Gaming is going to host Bangladesh-India cross country tournament. This tournament titled as “FLG CUP” with a Prizepool of 7000 diamonds worth of skin. The team who will be in the 1st position will get 2 Special skin, 2 Elite skin and MVP will get an Epic skin which total worth is 3600 diamonds. On the other hand, for the 2nd position holder MVP will get a special skin and rest of the four player will basic skins which total worth is 2000 diamonds. Third place holder team will get 4 emotes and one elite skin for the MVP worth 870 diamonds.
Registration for this tournament will start from 19th august till September 2nd, 2021. There is no entry fee for this tournament. Tournament is supposed to start from 5th September and will last for approximately 15 days.
Frieden Gaming & Lithium Gaming both are official KOL of MOONTON MIL programme. They have come with this initiative to grow the fanbase and planning to host this type of tournament in future. They want to use their influence not only as a title but also utilize it to grow the MLBB Bangladesh Community.

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