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The Xbox Features That Most People Ignore

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For the Switch, we took action. For the PlayStation 5, we completed it. It’s only right that we also apply it to the Xbox. Earlier this month, Sony made the announcement that it will remove the PS5’s little utilized Accolades function, which enabled players to reward one other in online games. This inspired the following exercise: What other features may be quietly dropped from well-known gaming platforms?

The user interface (UI) of the Xbox has been refined over the course of around ten years. (The Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One use the same user interface; it is consistent throughout console generations.) Even yet, trimming is always an option. The following Xbox features might be removed by Microsoft without raising too many eyebrows.

Pin to Home

Every game on the Xbox may be permanently pinned: Simply pick “add to home” by tapping the hamburger button after hovering over the symbol. I may be missing a use case, but I’ve never been able to follow this rationale. It’s likely already there as one of your most-played games if you play a game regularly enough to require it permanently pinned to your home screen. (The Xbox UI’s top line displays the six programs you’ve most recently utilized. Additionally, your whole game collection is located there.)

Game Clubs

The so-called Game Club is available for every Xbox game by checking the game’s “game card” (in the menu that appears after hitting the hamburger button) and then navigating to the “official club” icon. You may view information about the specific game here, such as accomplishment tracking lists and “news” pieces (which you can always just get from your favorite gaming news site). You can discover a minute-by-minute count of how much time you’ve spent playing that game under the Progress tab. So, Game Hubs aren’t really worthless, per se. Instead, they purposefully obscure information that you actually want to know, which is glaringly obvious when you examine how easily available it is on rival gaming systems like the PlayStation and Switch.


Although the Zoom age is well underway, the ghost of a video chat software from around five internet eras ago still looms large. Absolutely, Skype is available on Xbox. The only thing I want to know is, why? It’s intended to serve as a voice chat substitute in part, but every talking option—including Microsoft’s own and the recently introduced Discord integration—is superior (great for crossplay).

Break Reminders

Sure, you can set up automatic break reminders in half-hour increments in the console’s settings, under the Preferences menu. The clock begins to run the moment you switch on your Xbox, but these alerts only appear when you’re actively playing a game. But let’s face it, nobody wants their Xbox to behave inappropriately. Additionally, free time is more valuable than ever today. More power to you if you can catch a few uninterrupted hours to play video games.

The Events tab

The Events line item is present by default on the Xbox’s main screen, providing you with a fast update on the existence of any live-service games with ongoing events. My Events page now lists information on events for Ark: Survival Evolved, Destiny 2, and Marvel’s Avengers, both of which I’ve never played on the Xbox. (I haven’t played Ark; my Avengers account is on PlayStation.) Thus, it is obviously not always pertinent. In addition, if you frequently play service games, you’ll probably find out about what’s going on through official social media channels, news sites, or in-game communication.

Xbox Assist

A built-in encyclopedia of FAQs, hints, and other system-level aids is called Xbox Assist. For instance, if you visit the Troubleshooters menu, you’ll find a tutorial that will show you how to launch a game that isn’t launching properly, complete with a checkbox to evaluate how the Xbox online services are doing. You must either memorize the instructions or switch between two applications since you can’t have these tips open at the same time as the Xbox component that’s giving you trouble. Additionally, everyone is aware that Google is the go-to resource for quick answers. It’s far simpler to just keep all of this knowledge available from the Xbox Support Page in a web browser.

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