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GamesTrade Presents Clash Royale contest for Bangladeshi gamers

Clash Royale is a freemium real-time strategy and online multiplayer PvP game. This game has a huge fan base in Bangladesh. WarCities planned a Clash Royale online event named “GamesTrade Clash Royale Contest”. WarCities hosted and Alpha Gaming assisted as organizer for this Clash Royale event. The whole event was sponsored by GamesTrade-Leading gaming id buy-sell marketplace of Bangladesh. The top 5 players of the tournament were nominated for the prize. Champion received a 1 Year Pass Royale. 2nd prize was 6 months Pass Royale, 3rd prize was 3 months Pass Royale, 4th prize was 2 months and the 5th prize was 1-month Pass Royale. The announcement and details of this tournament were published on the official Facebook page of WarCities on 21 August 2019. They accepted the first 100 gamers registration. The tournament was held from 9 September to 11 September of 2019. The Match was arranged in normal mode and the winner was decided by the scoring system. According to the participant the tournament management was top-notch and participants enjoyed the whole event. Gamers from clash royale expressed their gratitude towards WarCities for arranging such an event and they hope to get more clash royale esports events in upcoming years. WarCities is a one stop tech-solution for any e-sports events. WarCities from it’s establishment in 2017 aims to create professionalism in the e-sports arena as well as bring out a change in conventional e-sports event management scenario.


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