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Grand Theft Auto 6 Doesn’t Seemingly Break One Rockstar Tradition That It Should

While excitement is reaching a fever pitch thanks to the recent Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer, one aspect of it continues a worrying Rockstar tradition.

Fans just received their first official glances of Grand Theft Auto 6, marking a watershed event in the video game industry, with the trailer alone having been viewed by over 100 million people on YouTube. As many people predicted previous to the trailer’s release, the film did not provide many solid details about the title, instead providing a basic overview of the project’s core setting and heroes.

Many fans have been blown away by the attention to detail and grandeur of Vice City in Grand Theft Auto 6’s first trailer, with excitement also originating from the video’s focus on GTA’s first prominent female protagonist. Despite this, several aspects of the GTA 6 trailer were disappointing, with the end of the trailer, in particular, indicating the continuation of a lengthy and problematic Rockstar trend. With Grand Theft Auto 6 now slated for a PC launch, many fans are wondering when this exclusive tradition would end.
It’s easy to get caught up in the more visible aspects of the recent Grand Theft Auto 6 video, with its emphasis on Lucia and the bustling streets of Vice City capturing a lot of attention. This may have meant that many fans missed some crucial information toward the end of the trailer, which revealed which platforms GTA 6 intends to launch on when its 2025 release timeframe arrives.

According to this source, GTA 6 will be released solely for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. While other platforms, such as the Nintendo Switch, were not expected to receive a port of Grand Theft Auto 6, there is a large demographic of franchise fans on PC platforms who are understandably disappointed by the game’s lack of a PC release.

The enormous popularity of GTA Online RP servers, which are purely PC-based, has played a key role in Grand Theft Auto 5’s sustained growth. This makes the lack of a Grand Theft Auto 6 launch PC port all the more perplexing, while this is a method that Rockstar has used controversially in the past.
Rockstar’s track record with PC releases is concerning.
Both Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 used a similar launch strategy, initially releasing only for Xbox and PlayStation before expanding to PC a few years later. Rockstar has long been criticized for this tactic, with many accusing the firm of maximizing profits by forcing certain demographics to buy the game twice due to the staggered release of PC ports.

It could be several years before Grand Theft Auto 6 gets its own PC release, alienating a large player base that has been critical to Rockstar’s recent success. While receiving official word about GTA 6 is certainly very thrilling, the announcement of no PC availability at launch is yet another notch in a hugely dismal Rockstar trend.


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