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“I Was Offered $2000 For Match-Fixing” Claimed by Banned CS: GO Player

Towards the end of October, ESIC came forward with an update on ‘MDL Match-Fixing Investigation’. They had ban seven Australian players for one year. Banned for betting related offences.  One of them, Joshua “JHD” Half-Devinin, claimed in a recent ABC News report, “I was offered $ 6,000 to throw a match, but I refused to do that. “

JHD, a 19-year-old Australian teenager who recently played for a local Australian team called Rooster in the wake of his ESIC ban. He explained that he only spent money on himself to win and claimed that he had never thrown a CS: GO match in his life. Asked how he felt after hearing the news of the ban from Competitive CS: GO for a whole year, JHD said, “I laughed it off, it was just a shocked.” He took full responsibility for his actions. His only explanation was that,”i have not read the rules so I have no idea what I am doing right or wrong.”

JHD then dropped the bomb, revealing that some people had come online with the goal of match-fixing.  He then claimed that he was once offered a total of $ 2,000 to throw the match, but he turned down the offer. This small information may be important to the local authorities, as they may take steps to prevent these bookies at a later time or at least be better prepared to deal with the situation. Meanwhile, the Sporting Integrity Intelligence Unit of the Victoria Police has proved that they are capable enough to detect these match-fixers, as they arrested five for the same exercise earlier this year in May.

This is the second major match-fixing incident in Australia since then, with ESIC completing the MDL match-fixing investigation as well as the Spectator Coaching Bug Exploit.

In early November, former Na-Vi in-game leader Dennis “seized” Costin CS: GO and Dota 2, both in terms of match-fixing, and also revealed that until he knew that “

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