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Let Me Shoutout & WarCities Jointly Presents “Rising Star Cup” MLBB Tournament: 40Thousand BDT Prize-pool

Let me Shoutout and WarCities are organizing a different flavored Mobile Legends Bang Bang tournament under title “Rising Star Cup”. The name of this tournament indicates the origin and concept of this tournament. To clarify this point, we must say that it is one of the unique and different tournament from conventional because of the idea standing behind the execution of this event.

ESN24 contacted the Organizer, Anik Mridha, CEO of “Let Me Shoutout” to talk about this tournament and we asked him that how did he come up with this idea. “The main purpose of this tournament is to bring out new potential players and squads. If we see the previous MLBB tournaments, we will notice that there are some only top squads of Bangladesh who are competing, and seeing them participate, many other squads feel adamant to participate. But we have many good squads out there who have potentials and maximum of them are players of Epic V to MYTHIC V. So my plan is to do something for them and this is it!” said Anik Mridha. Then we asked about the execution of the tournament and in reply, he said “It could have been much more difficult without the help of WarCities and they are doing their part very well. Because of their previous successful efficient management and top notch professionalism, I wanted to do this with them and now we’re working on this together. We are also getting huge support from the communities of the Philippine (Banned Again Official), Nepal (Eightfold Gaming), and India. And they are also sponsoring this tournament. They will keep supporting us in the future.  

Speaking of this tournament, the registration started from 11 December and will be open till 13 December, 2020. The registration fee is only 100 BDT and there will be slots for 128 squads. All players from Epic V rank to MYTHIC V rank can participate in this tournament. But players ranked above Ex MYTHIC V cannot participate. The total prize pool of this amazing tournament is worth 40,000.00BDT. The prize will be given as Hero Skins. 1st prize is 8 Epic Skin, 2nd prize is 8 Special Skin and 3rd prize is 8 Elite Skin. Players have to register on the website of WarCities.

Probable date of starting the main event is 16 December, 2020. The first 3 rounds will be a single-elimination round and among them, only 16 teams will qualify for the next round which is the Quarter-final round from this round the formation will change to Best-of-3 matches. This tournament will go for a month and hope to end on 15 January 2021. All the matches from the beginning will be live-streamed.

And again the tournament was sponsored by EightFold Gaming official, Banned Again Official, and Ravenclaws E-Shop and they will sponsor more tournaments in the future with these organizers. MOBA Community of Bangladesh is working as a Community Partner and ESN24 working as a Media Partner. With those professional organizing and management teams, anyone can tell that it is going to be a great tournament.

More information and tournament updates will be posted on both on the Let me Shoutout Facebook page and Discord Server or FB page of WarCities.

While talking to Anik Mridha, he also told us that there will be more sequels of tournament like this and after finishing this tournament they will organize more tournaments. They are thinking about Division VS Division and 1v1 tournament.

At ending we may undoubtedly express that many potential players will come out from their shells and show their gaming skills to others and make some opportunity for them as well through this tournament.

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