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Mobile Legends Bang Bang M2 Championship 2021 Invited Team List Has Been Revealed

MLBB M2 World Champion is the biggest tournament of Mobile Legends Bang Bang. The winning team will get to be called the BEST MLBB team in the world. Previously MOONTON announced MLBB M2 World Champion but they did not say anything about the competing teams. Recently they have revealed the teams. There will be 12 teams from 9 different countries and they will battle for glory and to be the best team in the world. Here are the 12 teams that will compete in this tournament:

  1. 10S Gaming Frost (japan)
  2. Impunity KH(Cambodia)
  3. Unique Devu (Russia)
  4. Dreammax (Brazil)
  5. Todak (Malaysia)
  6. Burmese Ghouls (Myanmar)
  7. Evos SG, RSG (Singapore)
  8. Omega Esports, Bren Esports (Philippines)
  9. Alter Ego, RQR Hosi (Indonesia)

MOONTON has invited Bren Esports and Omega Esports directly to take part in this event as they were champion (Bren Esports) and runner-up (Omega Esports) in the MPL-Philippines Season 6. M1 champion EVOS Legends of Indonesia failed to get an invite as a result people have high expectations from Bren and Omega.  MPL-MYSG winner Todak of Malaysia is also invited as well as Singaporean squads RSG and EVOS SG. Regional champion RRQ Hoshi and Alter ego from Indonesia will take part in M2.

Because of the global pandemic and some travel restrictions, there will be no representatives from North America, Turkey, Thailand, and Vietnam.

These 12 teams will be divided into four groups and with those 4 groups, the main event will start on 18 January 2021. Laphel and Qontra will go live on 12 December and explain the format, group division, and will also do an initial analysis on each team.

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