ESN24 Voice of eSports Sun, 23 Oct 2022 07:31:25 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Minecrafter Creates Realistic Tank Sun, 23 Oct 2022 07:31:22 +0000 With the assistance of period-appropriate modifications and skins, a committed Minecraft player has created an outstanding and realistic tank based on a German Tiger 1 from World War II. Since before the complete edition of Minecraft was published in 2011, many players have created fantastic inventions utilizing the numerous blocks accessible in the early version of the game, and the inclusion of modifications and additional blocks over time has just made this Reddit user’s tank more feasible.

Zmilkirill, a Reddit user, recently published their own Minecraft Tiger 1 tank, which they made utilizing the Chisels and Bits and Little Blocks mods to perfectly represent the vintage combat vehicle. Little Blocks is one of the immersive Minecraft modifications that provide players additional customisation options by making the materials used in creative mode much smaller than the conventional blocks seen in the game. Chisels and Bits work along with Little Blocks to make it simpler to shape the larger blocks into particular designs, such as Zmilkirill’s Tiger 1 tank.

Zmilkirill’s Minecraft images show the player in a skin that resembles a soldier from the period, sans helmet, standing atop the enormous dark brown tank, with another concentrating just on the Tiger 1. The picture displays two settings with a dark and gritty backdrop and a foggy sky, which might be an extra mod bringing more of a World War 2 style, in contrast to another Minecraft creation’s Cold War design. The top Minecraft screenshot in the picture shows the Tiger 1 from a different viewpoint, emphasizing Zmilkirill’s attention to detail, while the bottom one highlights the finer features surrounding the gun.

Zmilkirill’s Tiger 1 uses the aforementioned tweaks to properly detail the World War II tank, sparing no cost by incorporating every nut and bolt that would be required to keep the antique vehicle together. Given how little of the Tiger 1’s surface area the Minecraft character model occupies, the Minecraft version seems to be bigger than its real-life equivalent, which might be owing to the number of blocks necessary to simulate the tank. Though this isn’t the first time Zmilkirill’s Tiger 1 has been shared with the Minecraft community, it has piqued the interest of many enthusiasts.

Although Zmilkirill has verified that the tank on which their Minecraft design is based on the Tiger 1, others have noted that it also resembles an Abrams, a Warhammer Baneblade, or a tank in Arma. Several Minecraft enthusiasts have voiced their enthusiasm for Zmilkirill’s World War II tank design, while one has wondered about the gray skies in the backdrop, which are unusual in the Mojang game.

Minecraft is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

Combat, Sidequests, and More in One Piece Odyssey Gameplay Trailer Sun, 23 Oct 2022 07:22:53 +0000 Bandai Namco already showed off some of the places that await the Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece Odyssey, but the current teaser focuses on gameplay to offer gamers a clearer sense of what they will be doing when the game launches. ILCA takes players on a tour of Alabasta, a major region in the early story of One Piece, to highlight the finer features of exploration, fighting, and quest possibilities. It looks that ILCA intends to keep Alabasta and Waford busy and fighting while the Straw Hats strive to unravel the secrets of Waford while observing how different important locales from their prior journeys are.

Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates will be the focus of One Piece Odyssey after they were shipwrecked on the strange island of Waford due to a sudden and violent storm. Players will control Luffy and at least seven other Straw Hats as they battle and explore Waford in search of the mysteries it hides and a means to escape. It will have a turn-based combat system in which players will engage with a group of three, as well as exploration that will take full use of the Straw Hats’ numerous powers.

The game’s newest extended video focused on the gameplay to offer gamers a better idea of what’s in store for them. The game’s exploration and how the crew may interact with the globe while visiting locales from One Piece’s extensive history were highlighted in the teaser. Field and character actions are one such element highlighted in the teaser, where players may freely switch between characters while exploring to take use of the character’s talents to acquire goods or locate secret locations.


There will also look to be plenty of tasks for gamers to enjoy, with the video spotlighting “side tales” accessible for the Straw Hats. As players go through the main tale, side tasks will become accessible, providing a respite from the fundamental mystery surrounding Waford. The clip seems to hint that the side tales will also center on certain members of the crew, with Chopper and Sanji important to the two tasks presented.

However, combat made up the most of the teaser, with it demonstrating some of the finer features of the warfare system ILCA has created for Odyssey. Aside from traditional turn-based fighting, players must be aware of their characters’ battle type efficacy, which may decide how much less or more damage they deal. The teaser then showed off more of the “scramble area fight,” in which players must maximize combat space, as well as “dramatic sequences,” which provide extra combat circumstances for players to attempt to achieve in order to get more experience.

One Piece Odyssey will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S on January 13, 2023.

PUBG Starts Dead by Daylight Crossover Sun, 23 Oct 2022 06:52:23 +0000 In partnership with the horror survival game Dead by Daylight, PUBG Studios has launched a new Halloween-themed PUBG event. Players in PUBG: Battlegrounds may now compete in a new terrifying game mode and earn goodies, including horrifying Dead by Daylight-themed cosmetics and skins.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is a first-person survival shooter that helped establish the battle royale genre. Up to 100 players parachute into a massive overworld area and battle to be the last one standing. Dead by Daylight is a survival game with an asymmetric twist. In this horror survival game, players may choose to be part of a four-man team attempting to flee and avoid being killed, or to be the Killer themselves.

PUBG: Battlegrounds and Dead by Daylight are partnering on a Halloween-themed event in the PUBG realm, as PUBG Studios announced earlier this month. Krafton has now launched an event in which players may gather skins, entire costumes, nameplates, and other items. There will be four entire costumes available: The Huntress, The Legion, The Clown, and The Trapper. There are also four masks, three bag skins, one “Sacrificial Hook” frying pan skin, and a Dead by Daylight Killers nameplate included with the cosmetics. These can only be obtained from the PUBG store and are not accessible as mission prizes.

Players who do not have enough in-game cash to purchase cosmetics will still get some great Halloween stuff. Survive the Hunt, an unique hide-and-seek game, is available now until November 7. This mode also has its own awards that may be obtained just by playing. Dwight Unknown Lone Survivor Outfit, Dead by Daylight spray, and Dead by Daylight’s Nurse Killer mask are among the rewards.

Players must earn kills in the Survive the Hunt mode to win the rewards. The Dead by Daylight-inspired mode sets Survivors against a Killer, with the Survivors needing to find damaged generators in order to power up and establish an escape path. While survivors attempt to flee, the player given the role of Killer will use any means necessary to capture or prevent them from fleeing.

The event is currently accessible on both PC and console versions of PUBG: Battlegrounds. Similarly, the Dead by Daylight event is live on New State Mobile, PUBG Studios’ mobile game set in the same world as PUBG. Survive the Hunt mode will be available until November 6 or November 7, depending on your timezone, and custom Dead by Daylight battles will be available for a month after that.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

World of Warcraft Shares Dragonflight Dragon Magic Concept Art Sun, 23 Oct 2022 06:40:13 +0000

World of Warcraft has released concept art for the many varieties of dragon magic seen in Dragonflight. Each image explains the design thinking behind the various aesthetics for each dragonflight’s power in the next World of Warcraft expansion.

World of Warcraft dragons are strong creatures tasked by the Titans with protecting Azeroth from dangers. The five dragonflights each gained distinct power to help them protect Azeroth’s life, environment, magic, land, and timelines.

A recent World of Warcraft Twitter tweet provided a thorough analysis of the power of the Black, Blue, Green, and Red dragonflights. Color swatches, basic designs, and specific characteristics for each key facet of the magical manifestations are included in each piece of concept art. The detailed reference sheets provide artists with a consistent framework for the magical abilities of the dragonflights in World of Warcraft and provide gamers with a behind-the-scenes peek at how the designs were created.

Surprisingly, World of Warcraft did not provide the concept art for the Bronze dragonflight’s time magic. It provided no rationale for the idea sheet’s exception. The document may not have been produced, or World of Warcraft may have wished to keep anything hidden, such as a story point or spoiler. It’s also conceivable that Blizzard just forgot to disclose it, or that they have plans to do so in the future.

Nonetheless, the thorough description of Dragonflight’s magic captivated players. The Black dragonflight’s power, in particular, was intriguing since it was unlike anything the players had seen before. Black dragon magic was historically filled with fire, magma, and instability. With Wrathion and Sabellian ushering in a new age for World of Warcraft’s Black dragons, it’s only natural that their magic evolves.

However, many gamers were attracted to the Titan Influence area of the World of Warcraft concept art for its consistency. Despite the diversity of magic, this portion remained steady. Many people were particularly taken with the “Always 3” detail, which refers to the swirling energy present inside each magical blast. Many people have wondered World of Warcraft about the importance of the number three to dragons, asking whether it was merely a design decision or if there was more to it. Curious fans won’t have to wait long to find out for themselves—players will be able to experience these magical principles in action when they build their Dracthyr Evokers on November 15 and Dragonflight a few weeks later.

World of Warcraft is now accessible on PC. Dragonflight will be available on November 28th.

Teddy Bear Easter Egg Found in Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Sun, 23 Oct 2022 06:18:28 +0000 With the campaign of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 now ready to play, some fans have taken it upon themselves to uncover everything they can, including a secret teddy bear. Easter eggs in video games are nothing new, yet they continue to be quite popular among many gamers. While the majority are concealed by the makers, some are put as teasers for die-hard fans with allusions that only those acquainted with the developer or past games would fully get.

While some developers, such as Ubisoft, have sought to conceal hints to forthcoming projects in games such as The Division 2, others take the effort to conceal things or items that are significant to the firm or fans. Respawn Entertainment, for example, generally conceals a plushie nicknamed Nessie, which began in Titanfall and continues through Apex Legends. In a similar vein, the Call of Duty series has maintained a long-running tradition of concealing a teddy Teddy Bear across most of the games, and Modern Warfare 2 follows suit.

The campaign may be played early for those who pre-ordered any version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and then preloaded it on their device. Naturally, many fans have been looking for secrets, and some have already unearthed several. Infinity Ward has introduced a cuddly teddy bear to the Modern Warfare 2 campaign, continuing a historical tradition, as shown in a picture by Reddit user lundun91.

The bear, which is sitting on a shelf in what seems to be a bedroom with gunshot holes in the wall, has clearly seen better days, with some damaged stitching and stuffing spilling out of its leg. A second bear is also lying down on the shelf. The bear does, however, have the traditional star above its heart, a tribute to previous bears that stretch all the way back to Call of Duty: Finest Hour. While many of them have no effect, there have been moments when picking them up would restore health or give you a higher chance of acquiring a better weapon from the mystery box in Call of Duty: Zombies.

In addition to concealed plush animals, the Call of Duty series has incorporated Teddy bears in novel gameplay contexts. In Gunfight, an Easter egg on the Station map in 2019 Modern Warfare enabled players to summon a huge Godzilla-sized bear. On a somewhat separate note, earlier this year, Call of Duty: Vanguard released a pink Teddy Bear cosmetic for Valentine’s Day, enabling fans to dress up as a variant of the continuously concealed plush bear.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on October 28.

Builds for WoW Dragonflight: Assassination Rogue Talents Thu, 20 Oct 2022 05:41:46 +0000 The new skill trees will be accessible when you first start WoW Dragonflight on or after Pre-patch day (October 25th, 2022). In comparison to the Shadowlands talent trees, players now have a considerably more complete set of options for their skills. The new skill system revamp seems to be focused on bringing back what many enjoyed about World of Warcraft Classic.

The new talent system enables you to choose skills from a class-specific tree, such as the “Rogue Tree,” as well as spend separate talent points on your specialized tree, such as the “Assassination Tree.” The Assassination Rogue has a plethora of excellent options in both the Rogue Tree and the Assassination Tree. This guide will go through our suggested selections for abilities in order to have the greatest experience possible, based on your game objectives.

Best Talent Build for WoW: Dragonflight Assassination Rogues

You may choose a “Starter Build” from the drop-down option on the bottom-left side of the UI when you access your skill system UI. This provides players with a broad build that excels in many elements of the game, as well as the ideal build for your overall use.

We’ll now go through the greatest overall build. We will include Best Meta Skill Builds for raids and PvP specs later since there hasn’t been much data collected on the many different talent options available in Dragonflight.

Rogue Points Assassination

Build Dragonflight Rogue Class Talents

We won’t go through every option in these trees, but we will highlight the majority of the important options and why they were picked. The first section of the tree contains some of the important skills you should have in both PvE and PvP scenarios, such as Blind, Sap, Cloak of Shadows, Evasion, and Tricks of the Trade. Shadowstep was also picked because it is really handy and, let’s face it, just entertaining to use.

We also enjoy the following essential selections for the Rogue Class Tree:

Fleet Footed – The enhanced mobility speed is helpful in battle, out of combat, and between raid pulls.
Cheat Death – Every rogue knows Cheat Death, and it may be immensely valuable to escape a big assault and flee, or to be healed back up to full health in the meanwhile.
Subterfuge – After breaking stealth, you will be able to employ stealth abilities for 3 seconds. Use this to your advantage while launching an assault.
Acrobatic Strikes – This allows you to be further away from your target while still hitting them. This may be particularly handy in raid circumstances when the opponent has to be dragged about the room so that all of your attacks fall.
Leeching Poison – This will increase your build’s survivability by restoring part of your health when you do damage.
Cold Blood – Use this anytime it is not on cooldown to secure a critical strike with your next ability.
Marked for Death – A necessary component of the Rogue build. You may use this on each opponent you face since the cooldown resets when the target dies.
Echoing Reprimand – When used with Resounding Clarity, you can convert four combo points into super-charged damage sources. Because of the effects of this skill, the finisher move will blast much harder.

This Dragonflight Rogue Class Build omits most stuns and crowd control abilities. The objective is to offer you the most damage output possible, yet Find Weakness and Shadow Dance are noticeably absent towards the bottom of the skill tree. While going down the right route to get them seems like a good idea, we feel that the middle of the tree is more crucial to the build and will result in superior damage and usage overall.

Assassination Points

Build the Dragonflight Rogue Assassination Tree Talent

Our choices for the Dragonflight Assassination Rogue Talent Tree are based on what presently looks to give the highest sustained damage in single target (most boss) engagements. We noticeably exclude talents like Thrown Precision, Crimson Tempest, and Flying Daggers. This choice is to concentrate on other abilities that deliver more targeted damage during boss battles, since they are generally the most crucial monsters to burst down for the Rogue.

The key decisions we made focus on bleed and poison damage, all the way down to include Amplifying Poison and Dragon-Tempered Blades to add even more poisons to your weapons.

Here’s some background for some of the important options and what they can achieve for you:

Most of the top rows are chosen because they must be spent, and choosing Shadowstep will grant you two charges of the talent since you chose it in the Rogue Class Talent Tree as well.
Cut to the Chase lets you play Slice and Dice more organically without having to recast it. This simplifies your rotation and allows you to concentrate on damage-dealing talents.
Most talents that entail enhancing poison or bleed damage are chosen.
Notably, Zoldyck Recipe and Kingsbane have been omitted in favor of obtaining Dragon-Tempered Blades from the middle tree. DTB is presently projected to cause more harm over time.
The bottom-right tree, once again, focuses on distributing Garrote and Rupture to a large number of foes, which, although good for AoE, is not our current emphasis for this build.

PvP Talents are typically a question of personal preference for the player. Choose your preferred play style, since it will have no effect on your raiding DPS.

Pokemon GO Details Day of the Dead Event Thu, 20 Oct 2022 04:39:22 +0000 With the Dia de Muertos event, Pokemon GO respects Latin American customs once again. This two-day festival is typically used by Latin Americans to honor deceased family members. Pokemon will have ethnic outfits in the game, and trainers will be seeking a Collection Challenge during the two-day event.

Following the two-part Halloween event in Pokemon GO, the game will offer another event with a new set of Pokemon to suit the theme and a prize of additional candy for capturing Pokemon. The event will also debut a new Pokemon costume design that combines Pokemon GO outfits with Latin American culture.

Duskull will begin spawning at a higher rate in Pokemon GO on November 1 at 10 a.m. local time. Duskull will wear a cempaschil flower crown and will be able to preserve it as it matures into Dusclops and Dusknoir. The cempaschil is a natural Mexican flower that is utilized as the hallmark flower of Dia de Muertos as adornment for individuals of Mexican descent and other Latin American cultures. Due of the short event timeframe, this costumed Duskull may be shiny during the event, possibly making it a must-find for Pokemon GO collectors. Lure modules and Incense durations will be enhanced from 30 minutes to 90 minutes to assist these trainers. The additional time benefit does not apply to Daily Incense. Along with Duskull, Cubone, Sunkern, Chinchou, Roselia, Litwick, and Swirlix will spawn more in the wild with double capture candy prizes. Incense will produce additional Cubone, Sunkern, Sunflora, Chinchou, Roselia, Driftloon, Yamask, and Swirlix. Trainers throughout Latin America and the Caribbean will notice an upsurge in the number of these Pokemon spawning in their areas. Houndoom and Duskull sporting a cempaschil crown may spawn from Incense on rare occasions, and all of these Pokemon may be shiny in the game during the event. The store will also sell Dia de Muertos Masks for Pokemon GO trainer avatars.

During this event, a Collection Challenge will be available with the prize of an Alolan Marowak, a Poffin, and an Incense. Completing Field Research Tasks awards Cubone, Roselia, Litwick, and, on rare instances, Houndoom and Duskull with a cempaschil crown. Duskull will be wearing a cempaschil crown in 1-Star raids, while Dragonite, Sabeleye, and Druddigon will be present in 3-Star raids, with the latter two perhaps being shiny. Origin Form Giratina will be available in 5-Star Raids, but Mega Banette will remain the Mega Raid Pokemon.

Pokemon GO fans should look forward to the approaching active time. Halloween and Dia de Muertos festivities overlap, with the Dia de Muertos celebration finishing November 2 at 8 p.m. local time. Then, on successive Saturdays, there will be Community Day Classic followed by Teddiursa Community Day, which will lead into the rest of the year’s holidays.

Pokemon GO is now available on Android and iOS smartphones.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Reveals All Weapons and Platforms at Launch Wed, 19 Oct 2022 12:03:08 +0000 Activision Blizzard and Infinity Ward have confirmed that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will arrive with 33 weapon platforms and a total of 51 distinct weapons. Modern Warfare 2 aspires to outperform its 2019 predecessor, which offered 39 weapons on release, by offering one of the most extensive weapon customization and handling experiences in the game.

The new weapon platform concept is one of the features that makes Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 stand apart in terms of firepower. Weapon platforms are essentially weapon families acquired from a certain manufacturer or gunsmith, and utilizing them allows Infinity Ward to produce a range of distinct sub-variants of a given sort of gun. The Heckler & Koch equivalent in Modern Warfare 2 is the Lachmann platform, which includes the MP5, G3, HK33, and other weapons.

According to Infinity Ward’s most recent pre-release blog post, Modern Warfare 2’s Gunsmith will be a rather large game when it is released. There will be 33 different weapon platforms accessible in the game, enabling players to unlock up to 51 different weapons. Ten assault rifles, seven submachine guns, three sniper rifles, six marksman rifles, four battle rifles, six light machine guns, four shotguns, five sidearms, and four launchers will be available. In addition to this, gamers may anticipate one melee secondary weapon and the notorious riot shield.

Infinity Ward has not yet gone into deeper detail about each weapon type and platform. Despite the fact that fans have already constructed shortlists of potential Modern Warfare 2 launch weaponry, none of the leaks contain all 51 confirmed weapons, implying that at least some of them will come as a surprise. Furthermore, this number is expected to rise over the following two years as the developer adds additional independent weapons and weapon platforms post-launch.

Modern Warfare 2’s Gunsmith 2.0 should enable more than adequate modification across the board, since the game’s limited-access beta revealed a wide range of weapon customization choices. Completionists, on the other hand, will need to attempt each stage, since it has been revealed that some attachments may be locked behind a certain weapon family’s XP advancement.

Of course, Gunsmith will be irrelevant during Modern Warfare 2’s campaign early access phase, since the customization system was a multiplayer-only feature in its 2019 predecessor. Multiplayer modes will become accessible on the game’s official release date of October 28, while solo content will be available to pre-order customers beginning October 20.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on October 28.

Over Marriage Prank, Activision Bans Top Call of Duty Twitch Streamer From $100,000 Tournament Wed, 19 Oct 2022 06:54:00 +0000 This weekend, Activision organized a Call of Duty tournament, and the best competitive player was glaringly missing from the roster. Doug “Censor” Martin said in a now-deleted tweet that the publisher had prevented him from participating in Fortune’s Keep because he had “harassed [Nadia Amine].” The verdict is most likely in reference to a recent incident in which Martin broadcast a phony marriage proposal to her.

Activision is hosting an official competition for Call of Duty League Resurgence: Fortune’s Keep. It’s an open tournament where anybody may sign up to fight against pros for a chance to earn money from a $100,000 prize pool. Activision also recruited big esports celebrities such as Andrew “Biffle” Diaz, Joshua “Mayappo” Uriah, and Jordan “Huskerrs” Thomas to compete on October 15 and 16.

Nadia Amine is one of Twitch’s fastest growing Call of Duty streamers right now, and she’s gotten a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons. The Call of Duty community can’t stop accusing her of cheating in Warzone. When Martin declared that he would reveal cheats in Vanguard, the community put Amine into his sights. It was a stretch since Warzone and Vanguard are two very different games.

Martin answered in the most impolite manner imaginable. Despite mentioning Amine in multiple tweets leading up to the video, he produced a video stating that he wasn’t attempting to expose her. Instead of ending the video there, he filmed a phony marriage proposal to her. The prank was panned by the CoD community, and it seemed that Activision was not thrilled either.

Martin claimed in a now-deleted tweet that he was barred from Fortune’s Keep for “harassing” Amine, who had played in the event. “To be honest, I find it very hysterical,” he wrote. Kotaku reached out to Martin and Activision for clarification, but neither responded by the time this article was published.

Amouranth: I’m Free Now, Seeking Legal Counsel Against Husband Wed, 19 Oct 2022 06:43:52 +0000 Amouranth Content warning: abuse

Amouranth claims that he “made the situation more combustible than it needed to be” over the TwitchCon weekend (October 7-9) in an effort to “make a scene,” and that his activities aggravated tensions between Amouranth and her spouse, which contributed to the events of Sunday evening. She also accuses him of encouraging “people I don’t know to come up at my door, like what the fuck.”

“I’d want to chat to you guys about the problem,” Siragusa says, referring to the events of Sunday night, when she exposed nasty phone calls and texts left by her husband. “I want to thank everyone who has been so nice and supportive recently. It means a lot that so many individuals have reached out to express their worry over the last several days.”

She explains why she hasn’t been online since because of “everything going on,” saying:

As for the spouse dilemma, as some of you may have seen, he contacted me during a stream the other night and I went missing for almost two hours. Then, approximately an hour and a half into the call, I unmuted, and I apologize if it was difficult to watch for folks; I didn’t know what else to do…

“That was really the first time he’d ever heard himself on a tape,” she recalls, adding that he had been captured during past abusive conversations but had never consented to listen to himself before.

“I believe when he heard himself on that conversation, it really hit him how much of a jerk he is…

[laughs]…like you never even noticed, idiot?”

Amouranth claims her husband is abroad “receiving assistance,” that “as of today, I have access to all my accounts and funds again,” and that she is also “seeking legal and emotional guidance.”

Throughout the video, she expresses gratitude for the love and support she has gotten since Sunday evening (including offers of legal assistance), saying, “I didn’t think so many people would give a shit, to be honest, it’s kind of insane.” “Even haters are like ‘damn, I fuckin’ hate Amouranth, but you know what, I hope she’s OK,’ that’s so sweet,” Amouranth continues.

Siragusa also addresses the conduct of “her cameraman,” who she refers to as her “old cameraman,” explaining:

However, some individuals seem to be using the situation for personal benefit and prestige, which is less touching [than offers of support]. Unfortunately, my old cameraman seems to be one of them.

Amouranth describes her problematic relationship with her husband, saying that the violence had been going on for years but would come and go in cycles, and that prior efforts to explain her condition to the police had failed since they wouldn’t do anything until she was physically wounded.

Later in the hour-long live, when reading out some viewer comments, one admirer asks, “I thought you were a girlboss,” to which she responds, “No, I was a lady employee, now I can be a girlboss.” She also claims that there were several moments throughout her work when she “just wanted to go home and play Pokémon,” but she kept streaming because she “was frightened of conflict” with her spouse.

Siragusa also said she’s looking forward to being able to “have friends again,” get some sleep, watch TV, and “wear some clothing.” Amouranth concludes the stream by stating it’s time for a “new chapter” in her career, but she’ll first “take some time to absorb things, spend some time with my animals, feel like a person again.”

The complete video is included below, however keep in mind that it doesn’t begin until roughly 33 minutes in (again, a content warning for references to abuse):