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PUBG Starts Dead by Daylight Crossover

PUBG's Halloween event with Dead by Daylight starts, offering terrifying cosmetics.

In partnership with the horror survival game Dead by Daylight, PUBG Studios has launched a new Halloween-themed PUBG event. Players in PUBG: Battlegrounds may now compete in a new terrifying game mode and earn goodies, including horrifying Dead by Daylight-themed cosmetics and skins.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is a first-person survival shooter that helped establish the battle royale genre. Up to 100 players parachute into a massive overworld area and battle to be the last one standing. Dead by Daylight is a survival game with an asymmetric twist. In this horror survival game, players may choose to be part of a four-man team attempting to flee and avoid being killed, or to be the Killer themselves.

PUBG: Battlegrounds and Dead by Daylight are partnering on a Halloween-themed event in the PUBG realm, as PUBG Studios announced earlier this month. Krafton has now launched an event in which players may gather skins, entire costumes, nameplates, and other items. There will be four entire costumes available: The Huntress, The Legion, The Clown, and The Trapper. There are also four masks, three bag skins, one “Sacrificial Hook” frying pan skin, and a Dead by Daylight Killers nameplate included with the cosmetics. These can only be obtained from the PUBG store and are not accessible as mission prizes.

Players who do not have enough in-game cash to purchase cosmetics will still get some great Halloween stuff. Survive the Hunt, an unique hide-and-seek game, is available now until November 7. This mode also has its own awards that may be obtained just by playing. Dwight Unknown Lone Survivor Outfit, Dead by Daylight spray, and Dead by Daylight’s Nurse Killer mask are among the rewards.

Players must earn kills in the Survive the Hunt mode to win the rewards. The Dead by Daylight-inspired mode sets Survivors against a Killer, with the Survivors needing to find damaged generators in order to power up and establish an escape path. While survivors attempt to flee, the player given the role of Killer will use any means necessary to capture or prevent them from fleeing.

The event is currently accessible on both PC and console versions of PUBG: Battlegrounds. Similarly, the Dead by Daylight event is live on New State Mobile, PUBG Studios’ mobile game set in the same world as PUBG. Survive the Hunt mode will be available until November 6 or November 7, depending on your timezone, and custom Dead by Daylight battles will be available for a month after that.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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