‘ROYAL CLASHERS’ The Champion: WarCities Most Hyped “CardCities Clash Royale Tournament 2020”


Bangladeshi Clash Royale gamers played a different format clan vs clan tournament, the most hyped and competitive tournament in the year of 2020.

CardCities sponsored this amazing e-tournament of Clash Royale (CRCBD TOURNAMENT).CardCities is an American based digital gift card shop where people can buy different kinds of gift cards easily and quickly at a very reasonable price. The most secured gift card shop for Bangladesh.

A huge number of players were waiting for the registration to start when WarCities announced it on their website and official Facebook page.  With top notch organizing support from Clash Royale Community Bangladesh, CRCBD TOURNAMENT witnessed the participation of 50 clans across the whole country.

Registration for this event started from 10 September to 17 September of 2020. 50 clans registered for the tournament from all over Bangladesh to compete for a prize money worth 5,000.00BDT. The main event started from 22 September and the whole tournament went on for half a month. 50 clans were divided into 5 groups and in the first round, the top 6 clans from each group went to the semifinal round, and the top 4 clans from each group secured their places for the final round. 12 clans fought for glory in the final round. After a blazing final round ‘ROYAL CLASHERS’ won the tournament with an amazing performance from their players.

CRCBD TOURNAMENT is one of the hyped and most talked event of 2020 in Bangladeshi Clash Royale esports arena. It was a well-organized event. Every match of every round was highly competitive and enjoyable. The organizer is willing to organize events like this and make the esports platform a great opportunity for Bangladeshi gamers to get global exposure.



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