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Unbelievable! The Super Mario Bros world record is now only 0.5 seconds away from perfection

Yes, the world record for the fastest time to complete the Mario game was broken this past weekend by the top speedrunner Niftski, who clocked a run in under five minutes. The “any%” playthrough, which denotes that skipping portions of the game is fully acceptable, took an astounding 4:54.798.

The following is a succinct, non-exhaustive list of tasks that can be completed in under four minutes and 55 seconds. eating a platter of loaded nachos myself. Me devouring a large bowl of pasta—possibly a carbonara. I was eating lunch and drafting a lede. A speedrunner is also tearing through Super Mario Bros., setting a new record in Nintendo’s venerable side-scroller.

Niftski, who broadcasts on Twitch and YouTube, has gained a following for pulling off a variety of Super Mario Bros. speedrunning tricks. He also holds the record for the game’s previous world record, which he achieved last winter at 4:54.881. (Watch that run in this video.) That’s the degree of accuracy we’re talking about: this most recent run trims a total of five frames from Niftski’s prior run. It is really insane. Check it out yourself:

In order to advance to the game’s later worlds, Niftski uses warp zones throughout the run. He also takes care to land precisely at the bottom of the flag at the conclusion of each level. When you hop atop the flagpole at the conclusion of each Super Mario Bros. level, the game is over. Mario then slides down the pole to advance to the next stage, losing valuable time. You’ll also notice that Niftski uses a keyboard rather than a controller to play.

According to Niftski’s statement in the YouTube video description, “Emulation for this game is 100% correct, meaning that anything that can be done on a NES is achievable on [an] emulator. “There is no benefit to [using a keyboard], and it may even be worse for speedrunning this game. I prefer using a keyboard over a joystick for personal reasons.

Super Mario Bros. speedrunning is getting ever-closer to achieving a “perfect run,” or a sprint through the game that can in no way be better. The tool-assisted SMB record is 4:54:265; which indicates that human players are still about 0.5 seconds behind. My bet would be on either Niftski or Mario speedrunner Miniland, who held the world record before to Niftski with a time of 4:54.914.

One YouTube user said, “With this run completed, we are presently 0.533 seconds away from the TAS.” “One day we will break all of these 0.1 second limits, and then we will be flawless.”

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