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Unveiling of New MLBB Hero Joy on Advanced Server

Joy, a new hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, has been introduced on the advanced server (MLBB). The new hero, like past heroes such as Nana and Harith, is a member of the Leonin. Data miners have also disclosed the new Mage-Assassin hero’s skills. Joy, the latest MLBB hero, is classified as a Mage-Assassin, and her skills revolve around dance and music. She has excellent mobility, crowd control immunity, and blinking abilities. The new hero is presently being tested on MLBB’s advanced server, and her gameplay may alter before she is published on the ordinary server.

What we know about Joy, the next MLBB hero

Players may get a sneak glance at the new hero’s skills by watching a video provided by Kazuki Official. Joy’s mechanics are distinct from those of other heroes in that her third ability may only be activated if a certain condition is satisfied.

Here’s a basic rundown of her skills: Passive: Joy is irritated!

When Joy’s talent delivers damage to a non-minion adversary, she becomes “Angry!” for four seconds. She obtains 100% increased movement speed and 16% damage reduction while under this boost. The effect may only be used on the same adversary once every four seconds.

Joy’s Basic Attack also delivers Magic Damage.

Skill 1: Leonin Crystal, have a look!

Joy summons a Leonine Crystal at the specified location, causing Magic Damage to all foes around. The Leonine Crystal appears for a short time and may be utilized to launch “Meow, Rhythm of Joy!”

Skill 2: Meow, Joyful Rhythm!

Joy sprints in the direction of the target, delivering Magic Damage to opponents in her route. When you hit an adversary or a Leonine Crystal, joy enters “Beat Time!”

Joy is immune to crowd control effects for 1 second and can cast this talent up to five times. “Meow, Rhythm of Joy!” delivers 60% more damage if cast repeatedly (can stack). Additionally, players may turn up the volume and groove to Joy’s music.

Skill 3: Electrifying Beats!

This ability is only available once Joy has cast “Meow, Rhythm of Joy!” 5 times in a row. Joy removes all crowd control effects from herself and unleashes the stored energy, gaining 30% more Movement Speed and Slow Immunity for four seconds and dealing Magic Damage to adjacent opponents eight times during the period.

Each “Meow, Rhythm of Joy!” cast on the beat raises the damage of this talent by 25%. Enemies attacked by this skill many times suffer less damage (down to 60%).

When will the new MLBB hero Joy be available?

Moonton has yet to announce an official release date for Joy on the normal server. The new hero is currently only available on MLBB’s advanced server. Fans will have to keep an eye out for further developments in the future.

Joy’s powers appear to be rather sophisticated, which may offer a hurdle for gamers who desire to test her in matches. Nonetheless, the new hero appears to be entertaining, and gamers may like the unusual rhythmic rhythms of her powers.

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