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Valve Should Improve Anti-Cheat System: Opinion Expressed by CS Pro Players

Now and in the past every counter-strike player has a claim that Valve should improve its anti-cheat system. Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) is currently used as a cheat detection system. Valve is being used for all online competitive games and this system can also be used in a major upgrade. Multiple computer scientists from the University of Texas have come up with the whole solution, an innovative AI (artificial intelligence) powered anti-cheat system.

Destroying online competitive games by using external third party apps in violation of some restrictions by third party software. To identify the losers, some computer scientists came together to create an AI-anti-cheat system that could work with any MMO (Massive multiplayer online). Their own experiment was based on a study conducted using the popular competitive shooter CS: GO. What the researchers did for the study was that they randomly downloaded CS: GO to 20 students with three software cheats, and Ambot, Speed ​​Hack and Wallhack.

These players proceed to play on a dedicated server prepared by researchers to isolate them from normal online traffic.  The data on the dedicated server and all the games were then analyzed by researchers who noticed certain features.

  • Number of incoming and outgoing packets of information.
  • Size of packets which depends on the content of information carried within.
  • Number of packets in a burst, which is nothing but a group of consecutive packets.
  • Transmission time
  • Direction of transmission

Analyzing all these features, the researchers identified some of the symptoms that indicate deception. The information was originally used to train a machine-learning model. This is an AI whose purpose was to identify fraudsters based on these guidelines.

This is one of the best steps to create this AI powered anti-cheat system. It will be more interesting to see if any game developers access this research team for practical use of their anti-cheat and to work with them.

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