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What is a Shundo in Pokemon Go? Explained!

Pokemon GO players have created their own jargon to describe the game, but not every player understands what a Shundo is.

Shundo is a unique Pokemon GO phrase because it has no roots in the original franchise. Games have a common tendency to generate shorthand phrases and slang terminology. Even mobile games, such as Pokemon GO, have their own dictionary of terminology referring to specific game functions, such as game strategy, valuable objects, or game objectives. However, because not everyone thinks to check for local Pokemon on a daily basis, Pokemon GO is a game that’s simple to slip in and out of for extended periods of time. It might be perplexing for casual players like these to hear terminology like “shundo” tossed about in talks amongst more serious Pokemon GO players.

While long-time Pokemon fans may still talk about IVs in Pokemon GO because to each Pokemon’s intrinsic metrics and the assessment system, “shundo” comes from Pokemon GO’s own creation. Shundos aren’t a difficult idea just because they come from Pokemon GO; they’re just a one-of-a-kind combination of unusual beauty and rare strength. Shundos are among of the most valuable Pokemon in the game, thus the phrase is useful for all levels of Pokemon GO players. It’s a terrific way to communicate something incredibly thrilling to other Pokemon fanatics.

The origin of shundo may be found in another Pokemon GO term: Hundo. A hundo is any Pokemon that has a perfect 15 out of 15 available points in all three fundamental stats — that is, three complete bars of HP, Attack, and Defense when assessed. Naturally, because hundos are the strongest potential forms of each given Pokemon, they are extremely expensive in Pokemon GO. It’s also worth understanding the antonym for hundo: When a Pokemon has exactly 0 points in all three stats, it is classified as a nundo. Both hundos and nundos are extremely rare, making them valuable in their own right.

The shundo is simple to grasp if players understand the hundo: it’s a sparkly hundo. Shiny Pokemon are always exciting to find, but a shundo offers the best of both worlds, with an unique color palette and a powerful Pokemon. It should also go without saying that shundos are quite rare in Pokemon GO. Finding one of these Pokemon takes a lot of effort and luck; many gamers who have been playing Pokemon GO for the previous five years still don’t have a shundo to their name. Finding a shundo in any situation is a huge accomplishment.

Pokemon GO gamers all across the world are continually looking for a shundo, but the odds are always stacked against them. Only roughly 1 in 4,000 Pokemon encountered in Pokemon GO’s wild are hundos. Finding a shundo gets difficult when you multiply it by the 1 in 500 probability of finding a shiny Pokemon. Nonetheless, Pokemon GO aficionados are ecstatic about the game. Many fans enjoy making fun of one another’s shundo searches and showing off their empty stockpiles.

Shundos may be difficult to locate, but that’s half of the fun of the Pokemon brand. Players never know what they’ll come upon next. It may simply be another Pidgey, or it could be the coveted shiny Pokemon they’ve been waiting for. Persistence, as always, is the key. After all, searching for shundos in Pokemon GO has its own worth; players are always improving, gaining Stardust and Candy to spend on a shundo later on, as well as discovering other powerful Pokemon along the way. Every shundo is a wonderful reward for a Pokemon GO fan’s devotion to the game, but as previous Pokemon games have demonstrated, the trip is just as vital as the goal.

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