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Who will be the First Rising Star: The Grand Final!

The Rising Star Cup Tournament is about to end on 15th January 2021. The journey of the Rising Star Cup started on 16 December 2020.  The whole tournament was full of a new experience for everyone.

As we were saying, this tournament is going to end on 15th January with the Grand Final match between Death Fury 5 (df5) and Face Your Death 3 (FYD3). A total of 32 teams participated in this tournament and each and every team was competitive. Every team gave their best output but in the last, Death Fury 5 and Face Your Death 3 run over other teams and make it to the final of this tournament.

ESN24 talked with Mehadi Al Hasan, the founder of Death Fury, and asked about the experience. He said everything went very smoothly. The lineup of Death Fury 5 was newly formed. Even though it was a newly formed lineup they did a really great job in the tournament. It shows the possibility to do well in a tournament with new team members if there is skill and sync between members.

In another interview, we talked with Kausar Ahamed from Face Your Death, and we again asked him about his experience. He said they participated to gain experience. Throughout all those knockout rounds with different teams and squads, they’ve got plenty of experience, besides that they secured a spot for the final. Kausar Ahamed told that “May the best win, but we will try heart and soul.”

Speaking of the grand final of the Rising Cup Tournament, Death Fury 5 and Face Your Death 3 will battle against each other to be the First Rising Start. The match will start at 9.00 PM on 15th January. The match format is the “best of 5”.  It will be played in Draft Pick mode as before. It will be broadcasted live through Facebook on the “Let Me Shoutout” and “WarCities” Facebook page.

If we look back to the start we will see many teams with low-rank team members took participate, that’s mean the goal of this tournament which was bringing up unseen, unknown low ranked, and experienced players, has been achieved. This kind of tournament will make a huge positive impact on the esports platform in Bangladesh and help MOBA gamers to compete in more tournaments as well.

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