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Why Vault Hunter Ava Playable Would Be Successful

Gearbox clearly doesn’t want players to control children, but there could be controversy that someone Ava’s age was shot and killed, so moving time forward is the solution. From a narrative standpoint, this allows Gearbox to fast-forward through years of fruitless searches for Lilith and jump straight to the exciting moment of finding her. More importantly, the studio will age Eva, making her the perfect age for a more likable, playable character. I know That means Ava will likely use Phaselock consistently in her next Borderlands game. Since Maya was playable, players could already use this feature in her Borderlands 2 gameplay, but Gearbox could easily flesh out her Phaselock to make it more interesting. Finally, Maya lacked the depth that came with Borderlands 3’s cast, and didn’t get a chance to showcase her Siren abilities to the full.
Just as her powerful Firehawk ability makes it fun to play as Lilith again, Ava’s reviving her Phaselock could mean her three variations of the same power . In addition to the default bubble, a color-changing bubble could also be an option, allowing the player to do double her damage by matching the right item with the correct color bubble. A weaker version of Phaselock is another option that bubbles all enemies in an area for a much shorter time.
Another option is the idea that Ava rules Sanctuary 3 and the Crimson Raiders. Perhaps she can command an AI-controlled Crimson Raider companion to help fight any enemies she encounters on the ground. Soldiers can be upgraded in various ways. Sanctuary 3 could work by adding more weapons to the ship, and Ellie could install them to make Ava’s job easier. Sanctuary 3 was always in orbit close to the planet, allowing Ava to call in airstrikes against her enemies.
A final option is to use her pet Hermes to help Ava when she is out in the field. Cute allies are a very different kind of companion. Hermes could use her wits to run towards her enemy, steal the weapon from his hand, and stop him from attacking Ava for a short time. In addition, Hermes could take loot, health flasks, ammunition for her and always deliver gifts to the owner. Multiple Skills Ava can have so many interesting abilities in her tree that it might be a good idea to make her her playable Vault Hunter in Borderlands 4.

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