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A four-year-old Genshin impact mystery is still unsolved.

Early Genshin Impact history is still riddled with unsolved issues, as players have yet to identify the identity of the person addressing the Traveller in the game’s drip marketing since 2019.

Though HoYoverse was initially renowned for Honkai Impact, it wasn’t until the release of Genshin Impact that the firm became well-known. In the beginning, the developer attempted to connect the two games by inserting obvious lore connections and exported characters, the latter of which became a tradition with Genshin Impact’s Archons.

While Genshin Impact answered some of the questions raised at launch, with players learning more about Khaenri’ah and its relationship to the Traveller and the Abyss sibling, many more remain unanswered, such as Paimon’s identity or why Celestia has kept silent since the Cataclysm. Celestia’s physical location in Genshin Impact may have been identified in Version 4.4, but its lore is likely to stay untouched for at least a few more years.

Who Is This K.K in Genshin Impact?

According to Atomic_Slasher on the game’s official forum, HoYoverse teased the new realm of Teyvat and its Traveller through a person with the initials K.K. According to the most popular Genshin Impact theories, K.K. is Phanes, the first Descender of Teyvat, also known as the Heavenly Principles, the entity that established Celestia and took the Dragon Sovereigns’ sovereignty. Fontaine’s Archon Quest revealed that a Gnosis possesses the stolen power of a Dragon Sovereign, whilst Sumeru’s Archon Quest showed that Descenders fall outside of Irminsul’s jurisdiction, implying that HoYoverse is undoubtedly attempting to point the larger tale towards Phanes.

However, the initials K.K. could be pointing in a completely other direction. The Kaslana family is important in Honkai Impact’s backstory, and HoYoverse may have intended to connect the two series at first. Before Lumine (and Aether) were finalised as the Traveller, Kate Kaslana was the original Genshin Impact protagonist, and the Sustainer of Heavenly Principles in Genshin Impact bears a strong similarity to Kiana Kaslana.

It’s possible that HoYoverse only intended to establish this connection to symbolically pass the torch from Honkai to Genshin, and given that there are no in-game mentions of K.K. or voice lines implying their existence, the developers could easily pivot in a different direction. Given that Natlan is the next Genshin Impact chapter, players may have to wait a while for a conclusive response to this unanswered Genshin Impact idea.


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