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Black Desert Mobile adds interesting Drakania Awakening class characteristics.

Watch the New Aerial Class Letanas Destroy Her Opponents from Above

Pearl Abyss, a Korean developer and publisher, has delivered a big update to Black Desert Mobile. This update introduces the powerful Drakania Awakening class, ‘Letanas’. This new character, an outstanding female class with spectacular wings, exhibits the ability to expand her majestic dragon wings and fly with incredible force. In the air, she unleashes a volley of aerial attacks, demonstrating her battlefield skill.

New Drakania Awakening class adds fantastic characteristics to Black Desert Mobile.

The newly introduced Letanas class includes four active skills. Letanas may launch powerful aerial attacks to overpower opponents and undertake ground-based manoeuvres with her folded wings. With the introduction of the Letanas class, players can unleash an endless stream of damaging strikes using their primary powers.

Legacy: Players can alternate between Hexeblood and Dragonblood forms for a variety of combat possibilities. The Hexeblood type enhances skill damage, whereas Dragonblood has the PvP Reduction effect.
Sundering Roar: To trigger this ability, players can use two passive skills. When utilising Dragonblood, players can use Letanas’ left spear to discharge dragon breath at tremendous distances and ranges. When using Hexeblood, players can easily change between both spears, allowing them to attack fast and from a broad range.
Savage Decree: In Dragonblood, players can furiously pierce through adversaries, while in Hexeblood, they can target frontal enemies with Dragon’s Roar.
Doombringer: With Letanas’ left spear, players can use surrounding winds to climb and strike downward at foes. With enough MP, she can create a Bloody Zone, which deals damage and temporarily gives her control of the battlefield.

The official website provides additional information about the Black Desert Mobile Drakania Awakening Class. The Black Desert IP, owned by Pearl Abyss, is an open-world action MMORPG brand known for its cutting-edge visuals and skill-centric combat mechanisms, which have reshaped the genre landscape. With the most sophisticated character customisation system among contemporary gaming products, users may create unique characters that accurately reflect their personalities.

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