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Cyberpunk 2077 Creator Reveals Challenging Roadmap to Implement a Single, Crucial Component

A developer from CD Projekt Red has detailed their arduous process of obtaining a singular, completely arbitrary feature for Cyberpunk 2077.

The path of adding the “munch munch” sound when protagonist V consumes an item in the menu was chronicled in a lengthy post on X/Twitter by online services lead Leszek Krupiński. The menu sound was added in the most recent 2.11 update, but this sound was present in Cyberpunk 2077 when players were eating while exploring the globe.

According to Krupiński, who started by saying, “This version includes a tiny thing, tiny feature I’ve poured my heart into,” the idea for the feature came from the Niezatapialni podcast, where the host consistently requests it.

“Yes, the lack of this was an omission, but I dunno if it wasn’t noticed, or the priority was low, so it was never added,” Krupiński stated. I made up my mind to take action. I began inquiring around, even though it was well beyond my job description. I asked the developers and release managers if it would be possible to add additional features once 2.0 was out; they weren’t immediately dismissive, so I figured there was still a chance.
I took on the role of producer and began collaborating with the UI team and sound designers. The patch was applied this week, and the result is visible. The most significant change I made to Cyberpunk 2077 is the addition of the sound “munch munch” whenever you consume an item from the inventory. Now I may pass away peacefully.
The open-world role-playing game’s balancing concerns and several bugs were both fixed in update 2.11. Among other things, we addressed melee finishers, dashes that turned into crouches, and items that were erroneously upgraded. In addition to fixing a bug that prevented players from sleeping while completing the mission I Really Want to Stay at Your House, CD Projekt Red has increased the frequency of vehicle chases and removed the option for completed gigs to remain incomplete on the map.

It followed the game-altering Update 2.0, which reworked Cyberpunk 2077 with brand-new features like an enhanced AI and a perk system, as well as some strange additions to the game’s biggest mystery, a nod to the late racing legend Ken Block, and the resolution of an Elon Musk fan theory. A whole metro system, places to meet romantic partners, new cars, and more were introduced in the subsequent 2.1 update.

According to our IGN review (which was 9 out of 10), “Cyberpunk 2077 throws you into a beautiful, dense cityscape and offers a staggering amount of flexibility in how you choose to take it from there.”


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