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Destiny 2: The Final Shape receives a revised release date after layoffs.

Future Destiny 2 expansion The Final Shape has been postponed. The DLC will release June 6, 2024. A two-month event called Into the Light will be given to the shooter before that day.

The Final Shape‘s delay is expected. Bungie, a developer, was laid off 100 workers last month. According to Bloomberg, The Final Shape would be delayed until June. Bungie verified the allegation in a blog post.

The company described how the game’s content will be released ahead of the DLC on June 6. Season of the Wish, the new season that begins tomorrow, will now last until the publication of The Final Shape. Bungie said it will produce new content for the season to fill that need, including a new Wishes series of missions. As part of the shift, the Guardian Games event will be moved to March.

The major news is that in April, Destiny 2 will host a two-month event dubbed Into the Light. Bungie has not stated what this will include, but it will prepare gamers for the plot of The Final Shape. May will see several updates to PvP content, including three new maps, just before the DLC release.

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