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Fortnite has taken over the Las Vegas Sphere!

Is this the biggest Fortnite advertisement of all time?

Fortnite’s latest important upgrade is just hours away from being global. Fortnite has found its way into the real world via viral marketing amid the record-breaking Big Bang event. Fortnite Chapter 5 in particular has taken over the famed Las Vegas Sphere in a time where game meets reality.

The Las Vegas Sphere welcomes Fortnite Chapter 5

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Although it has become a meme at times, the Las Vegas Sphere is nothing short of stunning. It cost an incredible $2.3 million to build over four years. The Sphere has held concerts and other events while also serving as a large billboard since its inception.
Enter Fortnite, which has taken over the Las Vegas Sphere in anticipation of Chapter 5’s release. Along with the Fortnite promo, fans may have seen the LEGO mode, Rocket Racing mode, and Music Festival mode.
This advertising, in addition to promoting the game, speaks volumes about Fortnite’s impact on pop culture. It’s more than just a game, especially with the Eminem concert drawing record crowds.


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