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Fortnite is getting a Rocket League-inspired game mode.

According to a post made yesterday by Rocket Racing on X, the gamemode will be released in Fortnite on December 8th, 2023.

There is currently little information available concerning the game mode, as only a brief trailer and statement have been provided. The teaser includes vehicles and abilities from Rocket League, a racing-football game and esports title acquired by Epic Games in 2019.

This news is the culmination of Epic Games’ efforts to merge two of its most popular products, Fortnite and Rocket League. These include incorporating the legendary Battle Bus into Rocket League as a playable vehicle and organising an interactive esports watch party in Fortnite to promote the Rocket League World Championship.

In addition to Rocket Racing, Epic Games has revealed that LEGO Fortnite and Fortnite Festival will be two new game modes for the Battle Royale videogame.

Despite Epic Games’ efforts to integrate the Fortnite and Rocket League fanbases, the firm recently lay off 16% of its personnel earlier this year, severely affecting the Rocket League team. A former Rocket League employee who was not affected by the layoffs said on X at the time that the Rocket League Esports team had only three employees left.Another Epic Games move that will go into effect this month is the discontinuation of Rocket League player-to-player trading. As of December 5th, users will no longer be able to trade in-game things with one another.

According to the October statement, the decision to eliminate P2P trading was made to align Rocket League with Epic Games’ broader approach to cosmetics and item shop standards. This announcement sparked outrage among different stakeholders and participants in the Rocket League gaming and esports communities.


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