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G2 light up the way to MSI as LEC(League of Legends EMEA Championship) Winter Final broadcast goes dark

During the opening ceremony of the Winter Split Finals, G2 Esports stepped into the Riot Games Arena, returning the LEC shield to its podium for anybody to capture, and just over four hours later, they walked away with it following a thrilling 3-1 triumph over MAD Lions KOI.This convincing victory strengthens G2’s grip on the EMEA League of Legends landscape, as they now have 13 crowns under their belt. They are now the first team globally to qualify for the 2024 MSI, which will be held in China later this year.

G2 Esports dominated the Winter Split 2024 playoffs, losing only two games overall. One setback came at the hands of Fnatic, and the other was tonight against MDK, who put on an amazing effort.

While everyone expected G2 to easily win the first game ahead of the Finals, MDK dominated, even scoring a quadrakill with a surprising Yasuo selection for Myrwyn. However, G2, dubbed the “adaptability gods” on the broadcast, promptly changed their strategy in the following games. In Game 2, G2 took control of the rift, dominating the match and tied the series 1-1.
The two teams appeared to be on similar footing in the early and middle stages of the third game, trading neutral objectives and kills until BrokenBlade’s Kennen decided it was time to put on a more exciting show for the viewers. With one game remaining to recapture the LEC Shield and the title of champions, G2 walked one more time onto the stage. MDK, on the other hand, demonstrated tenacity, punishing G2 for every overextension and refusing to abandon their title dreams.

MDK’s Supa emerged as a strong force, providing a great performance on Varus, and by the 14-minute mark, the bot laner had attained godlike status with an impeccable 7/0 record. But with the strength to lead his squad to Silver Scrapes came a large bounty on Supas’ head, which G2 would not hesitate to seize.
The encounter culminated in a vital goal, resulting in a violent confrontation near Drake’s pit. MDK had caught G2’s support off guard and rushed to take down the tanky Alistar, but in those fast-paced seconds, they dispersed chaotically, and G2 knocked them down one by one, delivering Yike his first pentakill in the LEC—yet many fans missed it.

The LEC’s official broadcast went dark for several minutes, nearly missing G2’s momentous win. Fortunately, viewers could switch to co-streamers when G2 won their 13th title. Meanwhile, MDK, in their first split together, completed an astonishing run as a near-unstoppable force, colliding with the absolutely immovable object of G2.
This triumph not only adds to G2’s illustrious history, but it also hypes their upcoming appearance on the global stage at MSI in May. While the League of Legends community excitedly anticipates the year’s first international event, it’s worth noting that the other teams will qualify between late March and late April, after completing their Spring Split run. But LEC fans will not have to wait until May to break another viewing record, like they did tonight during the Winter Finals; they will only have to wait a few weeks until the Spring Split begins on March 9.


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