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How to get a free 5-star character in Honkai Star Rail

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Gacha games have grown in popularity over the years, with millions of players around the world lured to the thrill of the unknown and the pleasure of gathering rare and strong troops or goods. The ultimate goal for many gacha gamers is to collect SSRs, which are the rarest and most precious commodities in many games.
SSRs are the ultimate rarity level in Honkai Star Rail, a turn-based role-playing game set in the HoYoverse universe, corresponding to a 5-star rating. The game’s gacha feature allows players, known as Trailblazers, to obtain 5-stars in the form of Light Cones or characters in warp banners. There are a total of seven initial 5-star characters in the game.
Obtaining these 5-star characters can be difficult, like with any other gacha game, and typically necessitates a significant amount of time and effort. What if we told you that you could have one for free and customize it to your liking?

How to get your free 5-star character in Honkai Star Rail: Requirements, instructions

To get a 5-star for free, you need to spend 300 Warps first in HSR’s Stellar Warp, also known as the permanent banner.

  1. Log in to your Honkai Star Rail account.
  2. Complete the tutorial until the warp system unlocks.
  3. Go to the permanent banner “Stellar Warp.”
  4. Make a total of 300 warps.
  5. After doing so, go to “Additional Rewards” in the bottom right corner of the banner to claim the free 5-star character of your choice.

Note that you don’t have to pull 300 times all at once. You can make warps over time, and the total number of warps will add up until you reach 300. If you don’t have enough Star Rail Special Passes to do more warps, you can still get the free 5-star by making more warps in the future.You can only claim this reward once, so choose wisely which 5-star character you’re going to add to your party.


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