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Is Valve Working on TRAIN Remake For CS2?

Leaks point to yes

Counter-Strike 2 still lacks a lot despite all of the new features it introduces. The restoration of the Workshop is a positive step forward, since mappers may now work on recovering their Global Offensive works. Valve has yet to reveal how its own maps will be integrated into the game, but new strings uncovered by CS2 dataminers may have spoilt a pleasant surprise.Files in the game may imply that Valve is working on a Train remake for CS2. Here’s why people are enthusiastic about the Source 2 makeover and what might change.

Train rework possibly spoiled in the new CS2 update

Gabe Follower, a CS2 content maker, was the first to tweet about the files. On December 13, 2023, he shared a set of photographs he claims were acquired from Counter-Strike 2 files. The image contains strings that allude to Train, a historic map that was in the active duty pool for most of Global Offensive. The graphic depicts numerous Train models, notably the gutters of the map’s many locomotives.

Model references do not confirm the reappearance of Train, but the strings specifically mention de_train, yet there are no Train models on any official CS2 maps at the moment. Valve could be experimenting with translating the original Train map into Source 2, which would explain why the map is named. Nonetheless, given that Train is one of CS:GO’s most popular maps, it makes sense to bring it back for the Source 2 engine.

What could Valve change in the Train remake?

Train is one of the original Counter-Strike maps. The map first appeared in the original Counter-Strike and has since appeared in every mainline entry. It’s also a competitive favorite, having appeared in 12 Global Offensive Majors over the last decade. However, the map isn’t flawless, and there are a few things Valve will almost certainly tweak if it returns.For starters, Train features one of the quickest rotation times between sites of any professional map. This isn’t a negative thing in and of itself, but the connector’s simplicity contrasts sharply with Valve’s more inventive modern design. The Z-shaped corridor will almost certainly be overhauled, and a second connector is a possibility.

Train A site (Image via Valve)

The second difficulty, side balance, is related to the first. Even after the 2015 revamp, the CT side maintained a significant lead. Defenders were naturally preferred due to the short rotation and greater sightlines. Valve should provide greater cover at both sites’ entrances to give underequipped Ts a fighting chance. However, the developer may decide to preserve the Train’s identity as an AWPer’s haven in CS2.


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