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M5 World Championship: Schedule, format, teams, where to watch

GO hard or go home

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M5 World Championship will be held in the Philippines this year, marking the first time an M-series tournament has been held in the country.

It includes numerous major improvements, including a new tournament format, new and returning region participation, and the inclusion of M5 Wild Card qualifiers.

The M5 World Championship schedule, results, format, qualified teams, and where to watch are all covered in this thorough reference.

What is the M5 World Championship?

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The M5 World Championship is the fifth edition of the world’s largest and most prestigious Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament.

Sixteen eligible teams from various locations will compete for the US$900,000 prize fund and the title of finest MLBB team in the globe.

This year’s tournament also featured a new M5 Wild Card qualifier, which Malaysia’s Team SMG and Mongolia’s Team Lilgun won, securing two spots in the main event.

M5 World Championship format

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16 qualified teams are divided into four groups, where they will engage in a single-round-robin format, participating in best-of-three matches.

Group AGroup BGroup cGroup D
ONIC EsportsBlacklist InternationalAP BrenGeek Fam
SeeYouSoonFire FluxBurmese GhoulsTheOhioBrothers
Triple EsportsRRQ AkiraTeam FlashHomeBois
Bigetron SonsTeam SMGTeam LilgunDeus Vult

The top two teams from each group proceed to the Knockout stage, while the bottom two teams are eliminated.

The top eight teams compete in a double-elimination bracket in the Knockout stage.

Except for the grand final, which is a best-of-seven match, all matches in this stage are best-of-five.

M5 World Championship schedule

Source: Moonton

Group stage

December 2 (Saturday)

AP Bren2 p.m. GMT+8Burmese Ghouls
Fire Flux4 p.m. GMT+8Team SMG
Geek Fam6 p.m. GMT+8HomeBois
ONIC Esports8 p.m. GMT+8Bigetron 

December 3 (Sunday)

Deus Vult2 p.m. GMT+8TheOhioBrothers
Burmese Ghouls4 p.m. GMT+8Team Flash
See You Soon6 p.m. GMT+8Bigetron Sons
Blacklist International8 p.m. GMT+8RRQ Akira

December 4 (Monday)

See You Soon2 p.m. GMT+8Triple Esports
Team Flash4 p.m. GMT+8Team Lilgun
TheOhioBrothers6 p.m. GMT+8Geek Fam
Blacklist International8 p.m. GMT+8Team SMG

December 5 (Tuesday)

Burmese Ghouls2 p.m. GMT+8Team Lilgun
Fire Flux4 p.m. GMT+8RRQ Akira
Geek Fam6 p.m. GMT+8Deus Vult
ONIC Esports8 p.m. GMT+8Triple Esports

December 6 (Wednesday)

RRQ Akira2 p.m. GMT+8Team SMG
HomeBois4 p.m. GMT+8Deus Vult
ONIC Esports6 p.m. GMT+8See You Soon
AP Bren8 p.m. GMT+8Team Flash

December 7 (Thursday)

Triple Esports2 p.m. GMT+8Bigetron Sons
AP Bren4 p.m. GMT+8Team Lilgun
TheOhioBrothers6 p.m. GMT+8HomeBois
Fire Flux8 p.m. GMT+8Blacklist International

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