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Noice: A New Engagement-Focused Streaming Platform Emerges

A new competitor emerges?

A new challenger is coming up to the bat in a novel way in the world of livestreaming.

Noice is a platform designed to foster engagement between the viewer and the artist by incorporating metagames into the platform in a variety of ways.
As Noice enters its closed beta stage, more creators and watchers may try out the platform to see what it’s all about.

Users of the site will be able to create an avatar, design it, and have it display around the streams they’re watching, making them a more active virtual member of the community.

The company was founded on the concept of creating a more integrated engagement mechanism within streaming.

“More than anything else, gamers enjoy playing games.” As a result, Noice is both a streaming platform and a multiplayer game in which you try to guess what will happen to your favorite Creator in-game. “Don’t just watch; play the stream,” according to the official press release.

The primary approach for accomplishing this is through in-stream viewer competition. The audience will either engage alone or in groups to predict events in the creator’s game.

The participants play cards with various predictions on them that they earn or purchase. If the prediction is correct, the players will receive points for their place on the match leaderboard. The streamer can call out those who get their predictions right, as well as the team(s) or player(s) who are the best at it.
According to Noice, this will enable creators to establish a more engaged and devoted community.

“Playing the Stream gives Creators a completely new way to engage their fans, who now watch more, want to play together, and support the Creator by purchasing in-game items.” On Noice the Creator, the group grows stronger, one that plays together and sticks together!”

Furthermore, Noice intends to bring in game developers and believes that their platform will assist in fostering further engagement with the game itself. “Gamers are actively engaged, watching and predicting the Creator, thinking about the game, improving their skills, and becoming more excited to play.” “The more gamers interact with Creators who love your game, the more gamers will play your game,” the business noted.

In any case, the platform aims to shake things up by providing a new way for broadcasters of all sorts to earn and engage their followers.


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