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One Piece on mobile!

One Piece Dream Pointer is officially released in China on April 1st, 2024.

On April 1st, 2024, One Piece Dream Pointer, a 3D vertical adventure mobile game based on the well-known One Piece property, will formally launch in China. Thunder Games and Aofei Games are collaborating to publish the game, which was developed by Qianxunsha.

One Piece Dream Pointer seeks to capture the enchantment of the series on mobile devices.

I’m eager to discuss the game’s details because I love the One Piece series. Yes, it is unexpected that they chose a “portrait” setting for a business of this kind, but if they provide a good product, I don’t think it matters too much. The game has been under development for more than three years, based on the description, and it was first revealed in 2022. A closed beta was then held the following year.

The game’s card-based action on a portrait screen makes it easy to play with one hand alone and provides a vertical screen for straightforward one-handed operation. The excellent graphics are impressive and will definitely keep you engrossed. The original music score and animated voiceovers will also contribute to the authentic One Piece vibe.

In the game, you can assemble strong teams made up of well-known characters like Zoro and Luffy. Every figure who exhibits amazing powers will have secrets revealed to us. In strategic duels, the deft application of partner skills and attribute strengths aids in the defeat of adversaries. Create sailing groups and team up with friends to defeat formidable bosses and win big in the game, exactly like in the anime.

Before One Piece Dream Pointer launches in China, players can register in advance.

Prior to the game’s release, Chinese players can now pre-register for One Piece: Dream Pointer. To reserve your place, just register on the Haoyou Kuaidao app store. Then, use the app client to scan the QR code to finish the registration procedure.

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