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Prime Gaming Ends its Collaboration with Riot Games: When, Why and What to Expect

After seven years of collaboration between Prime Gaming and Riot Games, the end of an era fast approaches

Since September 2016, Prime Gaming has been providing monthly prizes and benefits to avid gamers. Riot Games stunned users on December 14th, 2023, when it announced on Twitter that their collaboration with Prime Gaming was coming to an end. In the announcement tweet, the firm noted, “We know this is disappointing, and wanted to let you know as soon as we could.” Riot Players registered in Prime Gaming are naturally concerned about this change; let’s look at the Prime Gaming cut, how it will affect Riot Games users, and when Prime Gaming will formally discontinue support for Riot Games.

When will the Prime Gaming changes take effect?

Prime Gaming will officially drop Riot Games support as of March 2024. The last capsule drops will end at this time, and loot redemption will cease. Riot Games users have barely over three months left of Prime Gaming support and content. Players should make sure to claim all their loot capsules before the collaboration end date to avoid missing out on benefits!

How have Riot Games players received the news?

Players are largely dissatisfied with the changes, however their ire appears to be directed more towards Prime Gaming, Amazon, and Twitch than Riot Games. Many people are expressing their dissatisfaction on Twitter, with user @NameeIsMatt replying to Riot Games’ original announcement tweet, “Thanks for letting me know so I can cancel my Prime membership now.” Meanwhile, @RemValorant comments, “wow this is a huge L out of Twitch.”

While the news is disappointing, consumers appear to be grateful that Riot Games made the initiative to discontinue the relationship sooner rather than later. With this advance notice, players will have enough time to redeem their treasure and make any required alterations.

The Prime Gaming collaboration cut is most likely related to Amazon’s recent significant game division layoffs and cuts to game-related services. “We are also refocusing our efforts for Prime Gaming,” according to an Amazon document shared by Jay Peters of The Verge in November. We’ve listened to our clients, and we know that providing free games every month is what they want the most, so we’re modifying our Prime perk to put more emphasis on it.” In addition to discontinuing Prime Gaming drops, Amazon is discontinuing its Game Growth efforts, eliminating 180 gaming-related jobs, and shutting down its Crown Twitch channel.

How will the end of the Prime Gaming and Riot Games collaboration affect users?

Riot Games players could formerly link their Riot Games account to their Amazon Prime Prime Gaming account. Following completion of the process, linked users could redeem limited capsule drops available only to Prime Gaming subscribers. These drops typically contained in-game cosmetics such as banners, sprays, gun pals, cash, and other goodies, and their contents were updated on a monthly basis.Users will no longer be able to link their accounts or claim Prime Gaming drops in Riot Games titles such as VALORANT and League of Legends after the Prime Gaming modifications go into effect. Furthermore, Prime Gaming will no longer provide exclusive drops for these titles. Players can still claim Prime Gaming products until the release date. Any previously unlocked Prime Gaming items will also stay in the accounts of Riot Games players.

Amazon’s gaming division appears to have an unclear future. Riot Games, on the other hand, appears to be thriving: the 2023 League of Legends World Championship shattered records as the most watched esports event in history, and VALORANT and Teamfight Tactics continue to be extremely popular. Only time will tell how the two companies do in the ever-changing world of gaming.


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