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Protests erupt as Apex Legends gamers demand overhaul of “useless” in-game items

Apex Legends players have asked Respawn to remove one "useless" piece of early game loot, claiming it only takes up space in deathboxes.

Apex Legends includes a wealth of riches for players to collect after they enter battle royale bouts. Players must collect a variety of supplies upon landing, including guns, ammunition, and armor.

Over the years, developer Respawn has made many tweaks to the game’s loot system, deleting items the team deemed unneeded or adjusting the number of times particular items generated.
Fans have now asked the developer to remove one item that some players say is “useless:” the White Helmet.

Delete White Helmets, according to Apex Legends fans!

Someone asked, “Why is this still in the game?” in a post that went viral on the Apex Legends subreddit.

“No seriously,” the OP clarified. Why is this element still necessary if all characters start the game wearing a white helmet and can only remove it when they encounter a higher tier helmet? This seems like a pointless item that will just end up in everyone’s deathbox, in my opinion.
The development team proposed that Respawn reduce the base headshot multiplier for players if the White Helmet were removed.
There have been numerous fan-made claims that the White Helmet has been removed from the loot pool and that any helmets seen on the ground are actually player discards.

“You can’t find them in the loot pool. Those that you come across on the ground likely have been abandoned by players who have upgraded their helmets.
Furthermore, supporters contended that the White Helmet’s removal would bring up more issues than it would resolve. “Taking it out of the death box will confuse people’s motor skills.”

“In theory, it was a more logical button layout, but it messed with everyone’s muscle memory and people hated it so much that they reverted back the change,” the player said, referring to a change Respawn made to the way weapon attachments could be swapped.

Nonetheless, there were those who shared the OP’s perspective. I attempted to communicate this to someone, but I was severely devalued. “They should just tie the helmet with the level armor you have,” one fan suggested, while another voiced their agreement with the OP. It smells like the traditional battle royale vibe.


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