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Refuse to wilt: Maokai remains LoL’s best champion despite nerfs in Patch 14.4

Standing up to the test of time.

In the actual world, trees represent patience, development, and strength. In the realm of League of Legends, they are not only strong in stature, but also in climbing strength, with Maokai remaining the top champion despite the game’s most recent patch.
According to stats aggregate U.GG, the Twisted Treant is presently the greatest champion in League, with an astonishing 54 percent victory rate on the most recent patch across over 46,000 matches in Platinum ranks and higher. He has maintained his position as the most dominant support in the game, despite receiving a number of nerfs in Patch 14.4.
In the most recent update, Riot Games attempted to weaken Maokai by reducing his base armour, Q damage, and ultimate ability root duration. The improvements were made after he dominated the competition for the first few months of the year, topping all champions with the highest victory rates in his class and overall.

Unfortunately for non-Maokai fans, it’s evident that the nerfs haven’t had a significant influence on his extensive range of strengths. He’s still highly tanky, has a lot of crowd and zone control, and can influence the game in a variety of ways, from the early stages to game-changing teamfights in the late stages.

He is also not a niche selection for players, as he has the second-highest pick rate among all supports, despite being one of the most banned champions in the role. With the new items in the 2024 season, Maokai now has plenty of chase-down potential and durability, giving him a genuine jack-of-all-trades for any player seeking to move out of the bottom lane and into the top ranks of the game.
Maokai has consistently produced good results across all skill levels, whether you’re attempting to break into Gold or competing against the best in Challenger. As a result, the devs may want to give the champion another shot so he doesn’t completely dominate the competition over the next several patches.


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