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Valorant Agent tier list: Characters dominating patch 7.12?

According to the current meta in patch 7.12, this list methodically rates each character from the top to the bottom rung.

Valorant is high-quality tactical shooter gameplay incorporates a wide array of Agents. Although many players hone their abilities with specific Agents, it is critical to understand which Agents reign supreme in the current meta.

Choosing the most appropriate Agents based on the meta will undoubtedly offer you an advantage in Riot’s tactical shooter. With the introduction of Valorant’s newest Duelist, Iso, in patch 7.09, the performance of each Agent on each map has become even more important in determining the outcome of a battle.

However, in order to know what’s going on with each Agent, you must stay up to date on all new updates. Given that this can be challenging, we have developed this tier list for you to check out the game’s in-meta Agents.

Valorant Agent Tier List

SJett, Skye, Raze
ABrimstone, Killjoy, Omen, Yoru, Sova, Cypher, Viper, Reyna, Harbor
BChamber, Breach, Neon, Sage, Gekko, Iso, Fade
CAstra, Kay/O
DPhoenix, Deadlock

Valorant’s S-tier Agents



Throughout Episode 7 and much of 2023, it’s clear why Skye is not just the most popular Initiator, but also probably the best in valorant.

For starters, she can heal teammates, which no other Initiator possesses. Her Trailblazer is without a doubt the best scouting ability of all the Initiators, with the capacity to gather information as well as stun and harm enemies when it hits them, making it a crucial ability to explore sites with.

Guiding Light, her hallmark power, is not only a great flashing ability that can easily round corners and get into difficult-to-reach spots, but it also warns you if an adversary has been blinded by it, making it a wonderful info-gathering tool that regenerates.

And her ult, Seekers, is an excellent tool for locating enemies, clearing out spaces quickly, and quickly gaining dominance by scaling up with it. It also stuns adversaries when it hits them, which is useful when enemies are taking over a site.

Skye accomplishes what every other Initiator does, and then some. She is S-tier because she can effectively heal, stun, flash, and acquire information.



Despite numerous nerfs to Jett over the course of many patches in valorant, most recently receiving a large nerf in patch 7.04, she remains the game’s strongest Agent to play the Operator with, comfortably placing her in S-tier.

Tailwind, her characteristic ability, is one of the finest movement abilities in the game, allowing Jett to take aggressive positions with the Op and swiftly dash away.

Tailwind is not only a wonderful ability to take aggressive positions with, but it is also a terrific ability to enter sites with, and when combined with her Cloudburst and Updraft, both of which have been nerfed, it still provides a great deal of mobility and the ability to infiltrate sites efficiently.

Despite having one of the highest skill ceilings in the game, after you’ve mastered Jett, you only need to watch clips of experts like Demon1, Something, and Aspas on Jett to see why she’s so good.



Raze received slight nerfs in patch 7.09, but she is still one of the strongest entry Duelist Valorant has to offer, particularly if you can master her satchels.

Her Paint Shells are possibly Valorant’s best grenade, with their CC damage capable of killing foes. Even if you’re not using it to damage foes, it can effortlessly clean out corners and difficult-to-reach locations.

Her Boom Bot is also a terrific information-gathering tool, allowing you to check regions and corners from a safe distance and even take up space with it.

Her Blast Packs provide some of Valorant’s best mobility, providing tremendous upward and forward mobility, though not the fastest, since Jett holds that distinction. Once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be able to enter a site or take up space faster than your opponent.

When you combine the satchels with her Showstopper, you have an Agent who can fly extremely rapidly toward adversaries and has a rocket launcher that can insta-kill grouped-up enemies or effectively take space.

Raze is the finest Agent for being aggressive, and her kit completely rewards such a daring playstyle. Some of the world’s finest players, such as Jinggg, make full use of all of their powers, and it’s simple to see why she’s S-tier.


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