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Valorant LAN competition moves to CS2 after 0 teams sign up.

Fragadelphia's Valorant LAN competition has been moved to Counter-Strike 2 after no teams registered to compete.

Fragadelphia ranks among the most renowned NA CS classics. The regular event served as a breeding ground for new NA talent, and some of the greatest NA stars perfected their trade there.

On January 13, Fragadelphia announced Frag/ment, a Valorant LAN tournament in the spirit of their original Fragadelphia LANs, which will take place March 15-17.

However, after zero teams signed up two weeks after the tournament was announced, the organizers changed the format to a Counter-Strike 2 event.

The tournament was scheduled to feature 32 teams participating in the LAN over three days at the TAP Esports Center in Philadelphia. However, with no signees, the tournament will remain substantially unchanged.

“We are currently sitting at 0 signups for the Valorant LAN after two weeks (I swear this game isn’t dead I was just playing it the other day…),” noted Fragadelphia’s tweet, inviting people to sign up on January 26.
They announced that if the event does not attract enough participants, they would have to change the LAN to a CS2 tournament. And on January 29, they announced a proper switch.
Of course, the VCT-inclined will notice that the dates for Fragadelphia, March 15-17, fall in the middle of the season start for Challengers and Game Changers, Valorant’s tiers two and three scenes.

Furthermore, many allied VCT teams would have been unable to compete, as Fragadelphia is located directly in the midst of Master Madrid.


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