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Activision ends Scump watch party dispute

Activision decided to lift Scump’s unofficial ban yesterday night. The publisher took down the streamer’s streams on YouTube and Twitch via DMCA.

Scump started off today’s CDL programme with addressing the situation.

“There will be no more Twitch streams, ladies and gentlemen.” I do want to mention that we were taken down yesterday. “I spoke with CDL last night, and we had some very positive conversations, but no more Twitch streams during the CDL.”

What happened for Activision to take down Scump’s CDL watch party?

We need to travel back in time to understand the background of Activision’s shutdown of the Scumps webcast yesterday. The Call of Duty League has established an exclusive contract with YouTube for the 2024 season. This was in contrast to the 2023 season, which was split across Twitch and YouTube.Watch parties were first reinstated for the new season under revised rules. To begin, it is Thomas “ZooMaa” Paparatto who is in talks with the CDL on the rules for the 2024 season.

Even without gaming footage, the content producer discovers that he cannot stream the CDL on Twitch.

Now that Scump has discovered something similar, only streaming on YouTube or Activision will remove it.

The community reacted to Activision’s ban for Scump

Several celebrities and members of the community showed their support for Scump yesterday after his feed was taken down. On X, the hashtag #FreeScump rapidly went viral. Furthermore, OpTic, Scump’s organisation, did not hesitate to demonstrate its support for one of its legends:

“If Scump has one million fans, I am one of them; if Scump has one hundred fans, I am one of them; if Scump has one fan, that is me.” If Scump has no admirers, I am no longer living, and if the world is against Scump, I am against the world #FreeScump.”

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