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After four long years, Valorant finally gets a brand new weapon.

The Outlaw adds a new dimension to Valorant sniping at a lesser cost than the Operator.

When new guns debut in Call of Duty, it happens so frequently that you’d be forgiven for not noticing. The acquisition of a new weapon for Valorant is the most significant event in Riot’s competitive FPS since its inception. After nearly four years, a new sniper rifle is available: the Outlaw, a double-barreled sniper capable of two-shotting adversaries in the chest. It costs 2,400 credits, putting it in the middle between the cost-effective Marshal (950) and the one-shot-kill Operator (4,700).

At first appearance, the Outlaw appears to be the type of weird, outdated firearm that would be at home in Hunt’s mucky swamps: Showdown more than the Valorant’s neo-future streets, but its archaic design lends it a special role in Valorant’s meticulously maintained weapon locker. It only has two rounds before reloading, but those bullets are powerful, and you can shoot again without descoping. That may be a significant thing for players who would ordinarily avoid the headshot-reliant Marshal. With the Outlaw, two body shots will suffice.

According to Valorant YouTuber AverageJonas in an early access peek, the Outlaw will likely combine well with Duelist agents that specialize in hit-and-run operations, such as Jett and Chamber. AverageJonas also stated that the Outlaw has great bullet penetration, making it theoretically superior to the Marshal for cheeky wallbangs.

So, will the 2,400 credits be worth it for an Outlaw? That will most likely depend on how you feel about sniping in Valorant. It’s intriguing that the Outlaw isn’t a simple intermediate step between the Marshal and the Operator—it has its own thing going on with its distinctive two-tap fire pace—but I’m wondering if most gamers will still prefer the popular (and similarly priced) Vandal assault weapon. extra experienced Valorant players than me can certainly provide an example of a map/round scenario in which the Outlaw is a potentially good buy, but for 500 extra credits, I could obtain a Vandal, which can one-tap headshot and is more versatile at mid-to-close range.


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