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Final Fantasy 7 crossover Apex Legends adds Buster Swords and Nessie summons

Get pumped up for the rebirth of Final Fantasy 7!

The crossover between Apex Legends and the Final Fantasy 7 brand, teased last month at The Game Awards, is much more than a handful of skins. According to developer Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts’ collaboration with Square Enix will bring Cloud’s iconic Buster Sword, Materia drops, and even a Nessie summon to the Apex Games next week.

To promote the February release of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the second installment of the planned FF7 Remake trilogy, a Final Fantasy 7 Takeover will replace unranked battle royale in Apex Legends from January 9 to January 30. Players will be able to use a variation of Buster Sword in that limited-time mode to block bullets, dash-and-slash, and unleash a devastating Limit Break strike. Materia Hop-Ups will also be available from Apex’s walking loot boxes, called as “Cacticks” in this mode, a combination of Cactuar and Tick.

That Materia will confer special powers upon Legends, thusly:

  • Blue Materia (HP Absorb) — Damage enemies to heal yourself
  • Green Materia (Lightning) — Reload an empty weapon to emit a shock nova, damaging and slowing nearby enemies
  • Purple Materia (Crit Rate Up) — Random criticals provide extra damage
  • Red Materia (Summon) — Summon a Nessie companion to attack your foes
  • Yellow Materia (Assess) — Damage enemies to see their remaining health

Yes, you can summon a fluffy Nessie to assault your opponents. Very good.

Of course, there are plenty of cosmetics to earn and unlock as well. This comprises Crypto as Cloud Strife, Wraith as Tifa Lockheart, Horizon as Aerith Gainsborough, Newcastle as Barret Wallace, Valkyrie as Yuffie Kisaragi, and Wattson in Moogle clothing (with some FF7 Remake Yuffie flavor). The Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth event includes 36 goods as well as a separate currency (Gil) to obtain as part of the crossover. The Apex Legends website has further information.


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