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Age Of Empires Mobile Seemingly Launches In August

Players can now pre-register.

World’s Edge and TiMi Studio Group have unveiled the first details for Age of Empires Mobile on iOS and Android. The game features the series’ most popular gameplay mechanics, including as base building and PvP warfare. It will also have mobile-specific features to enhance the experience.

While Age of Empires Mobile does not yet have a release date, the iOS page states that it is “expected August 19, 2024.” The game will allow players to choose from a range of historical figures, including King Arthur, Joan of Arc, Julius Caesar, Leonidas I, and the Queen of Sheba. Each leader has unique talents, and it is critical to understand how to combine them for both PvP and PvE engagements.

“We grew up playing Age of Empires on our PCs and believe we can provide a new but equally exciting experience for mobile players with Age of Empires Mobile,” TiMi Studio Group general manager Brayden Fan stated in a news release. “Players all over the world can build massive empires, form alliances, and fight against each other to prove who is the best.”

TiMi has previously built mobile experiences for AAA titles such as Call of Duty Mobile and Pokémon Unite. World’s Edge was launched in 2019 to oversee the development of Age of Empire games created by other partner companies rather than directly developing them.


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