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Skyrim mod lets you match the pace of NPCs so you can more easily follow them around

Another essential SoS mod.

Surely everyone has experienced this incredibly specific frustration: a game requires you to join an NPC as they take you to the next portion of the quest, talking the entire while, yet they travel slower than your jogging speed and faster than your strolling pace. You have to alternate awkwardly between a stroll and a jog the entire time, rather than simply walking alongside them like a regular person.

While some games allow you to match NPCs’ pace when necessary, Skyrim does not. This can be particularly annoying when Esbern or another mouthy plot-related character has to direct you to the next section of the story. Here’s modder wSkeever’s solution: Stalking is simple—just follow NPCs automatically.

It’s a basic modification. Simply hold down the shift key and mouse over an NPC to bring up the “follow” option. Press E to activate it, and you’ll follow them wherever they go—even through loading screens—whether they’re a quest NPC or a courier you simply want to follow to see where they go. I tested it by doing just that, and it worked perfectly. To stop following them, use any movement key or attack.
If you’re curious about the unique name, it’s one of a group of incredibly particular mods whose names abbreviate to “SOS”. It started with Schlongs of Skyrim, but going out of your way to name your mod with the same acronym has been a popular habit among Skyrim modders for quite some time. wSkeever’s work includes Security Overhaul SKSE, Skyrim Sidequests, Sweeping Organises Stuff, and Snowberry Subtypes, among many others.


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