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AMD’s Anti-Lag+ Returns After CS2 Debacle

AMD Anti-Lag+, when initially launched in September 2023, was a technology that increased the responsiveness of your gaming experience. This naturally resulted in input lag being reduced drastically. The feature was quite beneficial, especially in competitive games. This was AMD’s answer to Nvidia Reflex. However, after facing a string of issues, it was taken back. Now it seems like AMD just might be re-releasing Anti Lag+ again very soon!

AMD Anti-Lag+: What Went Wrong

Not long ago, players that used AMD’s Anti-Lag+ technology were barred from using the feature in Counter-Strike 2. Furthermore, some multiplayer games, including Call of Duty: Warzone, Modern Warfare 2, and Apex Legends, had flaws with their anti-cheat algorithms and reported players who used AMD Anti-Lag+.

If a player employed the new Anti-Lag+ feature, the anti-cheat software in these titles would suspect them of cheating! Below, you can see Valve’s previous CS2 update, which reversed VAC bans on players who used it. The developer also included a check to alert users when they were using an AMD graphics driver with the Anti-Lag+ feature enabled.

New AMD Anti-Lag+ Is Coming Back Soon

Because of all the atrocities, AMD removed Anti-Lag+ from its GPU drivers. It should be noted that the standard AMD Anti-Lag (non-plus) feature has been there for a long time, and the new Anti-Lag+ feature was offered as an upgrade. We weren’t sure if this feature would return. Finally, some good news about it.

Today, AMD’s Frank Azor (Chief Architect of Gaming Solutions) responded to a user’s Anti-Lag+ query. You may see the post published on X (previously Twitter) below. With his response, AMD confirmed that Anti-Lag+ will be back shortly!


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