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Honor of Kings tier list February 2024

Our Honour of Kings tier list recommends the top characters in each class, allowing you to earn victory in the mobile MOBA.

Trust us when we say you need the Honour of Kings tier list. As one of the world’s largest MOBAs, the game has a plethora of characters across multiple classes, therefore we believe it’s only fair that we try to provide some insight on who the finest ones are. We’re all aware that your prospects of winning a competitive MOBA are only as good as the character you select.
Though it is available in a few select locations (namely China and Brazil), Tencent’s game has yet to launch globally, but we can keep you updated with our Honour of Kings release date guide. We also offer guides to the release dates of Decapolice, RF Online Next, The Seven Deadly Sins: Origins, and Avatar: Reckoning. Honestly, there are so many fantastic games on the way.

Anyway, let’s look at our Honour of Kings tier list.

Honor of Kings tier list

To make it as simple as possible for you to make your decision, we’ve created separate lists for each class. We should point you that tier lists are purely subjective, and while we conduct our own research and include community and personal experiences, you may discover that a hero in rank D is your favourite, which is fine. In fact, we invite you to experiment to find the ideal Honour of Kings characters for you.

Honor of Kings support tier list

STimebender, Mischief, Voidcaller
AYarla, Beast
BEclipse, Liu Shan, Dolia, Cai Yan
CLittle Cute, Dreambuilder, Ming, Da Qiao

Assassin Tier List:

SLi Bai, Han Xin, Zilong, Diao Chan, Ying, Mulan, Lam
APeace of Lanling, Mirrorblade, Alessio
BTigerous, Luna, Ukyo Tachibana, Sima Li

Tank Tier List:

SBeast, Lian Po, Lu Bu, Eclipse, Kai
AAta, Mischief, Wuyan

Mage Tier List:

SKongming, Diao Chan, Milady, Nuwa, Angela
BChemist, Guitarist, Dr. Bian, Lady Zhen, Xiao Qiao
CVoidcaller, Princess Frost, Smith & Blade, Daji

Fighter Tier List:

SZilong, Lu Bu, Monkey King, Lixin, Kai, Ying
AArthur, Biron, Mushashi, Eternal Sage, Dian Wei
BPeacekeeper, Kaizer, Athena, Charlotte, Dharma
CYang Jian, Tigerous

Marksman Tier List:

SJuniper, Luban no 7, Marco Polo
ASolarus, Private Ear
B Lady Sun, Arl
CConsort Yu, Fang

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