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Another SuperCell Game Finished!

Server Shutdown Begins Late April 2024 as Clash Mini Development Ends Another Supercell game finished!

Supercell has officially stated that its strategy board game Clash Mini will be cancelled, with the server set to shut down in late April 2024. In their announcement post, the team states that Clash Mini was “a good game but not the game that would ultimately fulfil our dream”.

The makers blamed ‘quality concerns’ for Clash Mini’s fate.

Clash Mini is set in the Clash Universe, which was announced alongside two additional titles: Clash Quest and Clash Heroes. The game included features known as miniatures or minis, which were inspired by characters from popular games such as Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. We get to participate in a real-time auto battler by tactically positioning our minis on the playing board.

I played the game during the UK regional launch and enjoyed it, as did many other players; however, the development team had a different opinion. Despite improvements to the game and community interaction, the game did not entirely fulfil the team’s quality requirements, as verified by them, and was eventually killed off even before receiving a full-fledged global release.

However, I have some positive news to offer. Despite the fact that Clash Mini has been discontinued, the team recognises its potential and has opted to bring the Clash Mini experience to Clash Royale in order to fully realise it. I’m not sure how they’ll do it, but hopefully it won’t spoil the Clash Royale experience.

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