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Time To Write Guides, Join MGL & Earn Lot of Diamonds!

Mobile Legends Gamer Creation League (MGL): Joining, Requirements, Benefits, and More

With such a large community and fans, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) requires assistance to continue developing MLBB-themed guides, video, and other forms of material to satisfy the audience. To support the endeavour, the Mobile Legends Gamer Creation League (MGL) is looking for players who are familiar with the game and its many characters to work as guide writers, video editors, and other roles. In this article, we’ll go over what it takes to become an MLBB content creator and how you can get started now! If you’re still unsure about content creation, read our post on MLBB’s Creator Camp to learn more about how to make outstanding gaming content.

How to Join Mobile Legends Gamer Creation League (MGL)

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Gamer Creation League, or MGL, is a group of experienced MLBB players who generate entertaining material such as game tutorials, patch updates, and even community tournaments.

Applicants should include the following information and email their application to’’. These are only a few details that the nomination team requires to ensure that you may simply send and store your creative work.

  • Which hero are you good in MLBB? (Requires at least one)
  • Gender (Required)
  • Age (Required)
  • Contact Email Address (Required)
  • Facebook Page URL (Optional)
  • Average Online Time (hours/days) (Required)
  • Fixed Online Time (Server Time) (Morning/Afternoon/Evening) (Required)
  • In-Game ID (Required)
  • Your Ranking (Required)
  • Reason for Applying to Join as a Member (Required)

Mobile Legends Gamer Creation League (MGL) Requirements, Duties, and Benefits


Applicants must enjoy MLBB and have a thorough understanding of at least one hero. To learn more about the various roles in Mobile Legends, please read our guide to the greatest heroes in the game for each meta.
Writers must be ranked Legendary or higher. Please see our Ranked mode guide for additional information on the various divisions and tips for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.
Applicants must be proficient in writing guides, video production, and other instructive and creative outlets and channels.
The writing style should be basic and understandable.
Writers should be effective communicators who can intelligently coordinate and organise thoughts.
Writers should be professional in their work and accomplish jobs on time and with the expected quality. They should totally work with MLBB management.
Writers should like competitive games and have their own distinct perspectives and voices in the content they provide.


They will be in charge of developing or producing MLBB-related game guides.
Formats include videos, photos, and other appropriate content. Game material, basic gameplay, hero usage, skill analysis, item breakdowns, formations, team battle strategies, and other topics may be covered in the guide. To learn more about Mobile Legends equipment, check out our MLBB item guide.
Rewards will be given based on the number of activities performed, the depth of the topics covered, and more.


Every month, MGL members will be compensated with MLBB diamonds.
New Writers: 200 diamonds per guide throughout the probationary term. This will come with 500 diamonds for each official writing work.
Regular Writers earn 1,000 diamonds every month, 500 per guide, and 1000 per formal task.

To learn more about earning diamonds in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, check out our guide to earning diamonds for free in MLBB. In addition to the monthly diamond incentives, members will receive extra bonuses such as:

In-game livestream recommendations
Official support from Moonton
Get official game information and advertising support through the MLBB website, events hall, and other platforms.
Exclusive MGL Avatar Border.

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