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Apex Legends players criticise Respawn for selling “shamelessly” pricey skins.

Apex Legends has long been known for offering various deals and discounts on Legend skins and cosmetics in their Item Shop for a variety of occasions.

Respawn participated in the Black Friday deals and created the Fall Frenzy Sale during the holiday season, both of which included a variety of lowered prices for various skin bundles and packs.
However, Apex has since come under fire for their lack of a Christmas event, and now players have lambasted the creators for charging much too much for their skins and bundles in the End of Year Sale.

Apex Legends players criticize Respawn for selling pricey skins.

StraightFPS, an Apex Legends player, said on Twitter, “Why is the End of Year Sale so expensive?” They went on to say, “the End of Year Sale is crazy, I was looking forward to maybe buying the Voidwalker skin for a steal price, but 2500 is crazy.”The last Autumn Frenzy Sale’s prices for various Legend skins and bundles ranged from 1000 to 2,500 Apex Coins. However, they have been significantly increased in this sale and now vary from 2,500 to 6700 coins, which has enraged many.”They’re so brazen about it that I can’t even be angry anymore; I’m just disheartened.” “Even after 4+ years, season after season, I still foolishly believe this game has potential, but it’s just so poorly mismanaged,” one player said.”The skins have always been overpriced as f*ck, they’ve never changed,” one said, while another claimed, “Sales are worse now.” EA lost FIFA as an intellectual property and is now attempting to milk us dry.”

Respawn has announced that their End of Year Sale will take place between December 27 and January 10, where gamers will be able to “enjoy limited-time discounts on bundles and so much more.” It is unknown whether Apex will change these costs, as they have not responded to pricing claims made at the time of writing.


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