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‘Destiny 2’ Plunges Into Winter Sleep

Destiny 2's content will be sparse for quite some time

Destiny 2 players were treated to an abruptly short story quest including patrol farming and some Blind Well runs during Tuesday’s reset. While the stage is set for the seasonal finale, Riven’s comment about a “delay” for the final egg to collect so we can make our wish and pass through the portal suggests that we may be in a Witch Queen situation, where the ending will be delayed for months until it clashes with Destiny 2 expansion The Final Shape. This is exactly what happened with Savathun’s eventual exorcism.

Even if the season finale is next week due to the Final Shape delay, it’s still a six-month season, and Destiny 2 appears to be in hibernation as a result. Instead of a month or month and a half of relative dead time in a normal season, we now have 4-5 months with Bungie attempting to fill that gap in a variety of ways.

Returning to Joe Blackburn’s “game update” video from around the time Wish debuted, we know the following about what’s to come:

Moments of Triumph will “start slow” in February.
Wishes, a series of “progression-centric, reward-driven” weekly tasks, will also begin in February. There is no other information, but this is also intended to be something that all gamers, not just season owners, may accomplish.
Guardian Games will return in March with a new class-based competition angle.

“Into the Light” will debut in April and May. It’s designed not only for “the folks with 5,000 hours into the game,” but also for those who are just starting into Destiny, in some way, right before The Final Shape drops.
The Crucible Map Pack with three new maps is expected to be released somewhere during this period, however w


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