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Hearthstone update 28.0.3 patch notes defang The Azerite Snake

Hearthstone’s Showdown in the Badlands expansion has just been out for a month, but one of its cards has already become famous. The Azerite Snake isn’t a card that may be added to a Warlock player’s deck, but once in their hands, the game is effectively over. With that in mind, Blizzard has released the 28.0.3 patch, which should make things much more equitable.

The Legendary Azerite Snake is obtained with the new Excavation mechanic. When activated, it drains 10 health from the enemy hero. The important word in that sentence is “steals,” not “damages.” This means that health can never be regained and that Armor totals are ignored. In many circumstances, playing the Snake three times meant the game was effectively over. Because increasing the cost to 6 Mana was insufficient to end this plague, Tuesday’s update will reduce the stolen Health cost to 7. That implies the Snake must be played five times to end the game, which is still possible while providing room for an opponent to come up with their own winning plan.
“Our last adjustment to Azerite Snake was a temporary fix to that standout play experience outlier,” the Hearthstone website explains. “That adjustment, along with natural meta developments, has gotten Excavate Warlock to about where we want it right now.” This patch brings Azerite Snake’s cost back up to par with the other Legendary Excavate Treasures, while keeping the overall clock and cost around the same by requiring 5 activations for lethal instead of the current 3.

Other balance adjustments for Patch 28.0.3 include the following:

  • Blindeye Sharpshooter (Demon Hunter): Health reduced to 3. (Down from 5)
  • Order in the Court (Paladin): No longer draws a card.
  • Always a Bigger Jormungar (Hunter): Costs 2 Mana. (Up from 1 Mana)
  • Defense Attorney Nathanos (Hunter): Attack reduced to 4, now gains Deathrattle and then triggers it. (Down from 5 Attack and changed from triggering Deathrattle and then gaining it)

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