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EVO Would Happily Welcome Back Smash Bros. Tournaments

Always happy to host Smash

The fighting game championship series EVO released their 2024 roster this week, which includes the usual mix of Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and other well-known fighting games. Unfortunately, Nintendo’s popular all-star series Smash Bros. has been missing for some years.

Nintendo resigned from EVO in 2022 after Sony jointly acquired the event in 2021, and while EVO stated at the time that it was “saddened” by Nintendo’s choice, it appears that it is still eager to welcome it back.

Speaking with Dextero, EVO General Manager Rick Thiher stated that the event would still be pleased to host Smash Bros. in the future. He also mentions how Nintendo appears to be establishing its own licencing programme, which may help the problem in the future:

Dexerto: We asked Thiher about a possible comeback for Smash at EVO and he seemed enthusiastic about the future:

EVO General Manager: “Always happy to host Smash. Always happy to engage with that community…I was really excited to see parts of the Nintendo licensing program that has kind of stabilized in the last few months. We’re seeing more and more licensed events out in the market for those titles. Don’t know what the future holds today and we will find out whenever it arrives.”


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