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Ex-T1 and C9 Valorant pro retires due to stress and health concerns.

Former Cloud9 and T1 Esports Valorant player Son 'xeta' Seon-ho has announced his retirement from competitive gaming, citing health and stress difficulties.

Xeta had been competing in FPS esports for about 8 years, first in CS:GO and later in Valorant. The South Korean player fought on prominent Asian Counter-Strike lineups like as MVP PK and TYLOO before joining Valorant esports on Cloud9 Korea in 2020.

Later, he played for Cloud9 in North America, where he competed in Valorant Champions 2021 alongside the squad. Xeta was also involved in one of the earliest deals in Valorant esports, when C9 traded him and coach Yoon ‘Autumn’ Eu-ddeum for Rahul ‘curry’ Nemani from T1. Xeta then secured a contract to play with T1 in the VCT international league until 2024. However, on February 15, 2024, the player declared his retirement from professional competition. He stated that the choice was made due to his “mental and physical health.”

Former T1 & Cloud9 player xeta retires from pro Valorant

Xeta announced his retirement two days before the commencement of the VCT Pacific Kickoff Tournament. T1 added a plethora of new players this offseason, filling six roster spaces, and fans anticipated xeta to be involved in some form.The footballer, who has been playing professionally for eight years, admitted that he did not have the same vigour as before.

“Recently, I realised that my mental and physical health is not as good as it was when I first started, despite the fact that I was able to speak with a sports psychologist for assistance thanks to the organisation. I felt it went so deep that I needed to go back to recover, and I’ve recently begun to have stacking stress,” xeta wrote on social media.
He further stated that T1 understood his decision and enabled him to leave the roster. Xeta will soon begin his mandatory military service with the South Korean army.

Xeta did not give up on esports entirely, stating that he expects to return to the space with a “refreshed mindset, energy, and passion.”


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